Mom Scares Toddler Who Should Have Been Sleeping

At the end of every day, parents go through nighttime routines with their children to prepare them for bed.  Changing into pajamas, flossing and brushing teeth, and maybe even a bedtime story.  We finally tuck them in and turn off the lights.  The expectation is that the children go to sleep right away and parents have freedom!  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work this way.  For some parents, it rarely does.  Many of us have experienced noises or lights coming from our children’s room long after they were tucked in.  What could be causing this disturbance?  Perhaps the monsters that your kids are so scared about.  No, unfortunately, the disturbance is caused by your kids.  In this Share Saturday video, we have a toddler that was so engulfed in playing that he didn’t notice his mom coming into his room.  What should he have been doing?  Sleeping!

A mom realizes late at night that she sees her son’s room’s light is on.  She quietly walks over to see what was going on.  Luckily the door to the room was slightly open.  She notices right away that her son is playing in his Batman pajamas instead of sleeping.  She quietly enters the room and watches her son.  The son is so focused on his toys that he doesn’t notice her.  The mom giggles a little from watching her son play and it frightens her son.  You have to see his reaction!  Maybe he learned his lesson and will be going to sleep on time.


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