Mom Gets NO Privacy

Like most parents, you probably learned a long time ago that privacy is no longer an option once you have kids. But there was a time once, long ago, when you could take proper vacations and spend the whole time relaxing, enjoying the peace and quiet, and generally just doing anything you wanted. Then you had kids. Now you know that a simple trip to the bathroom without interruption IS a vacation.

Long gone are the days of enjoying a relaxing shower without a toddler ready to walk in and offer a running commentary. No more do we enjoy a day of shopping and trying on new clothes without a three-year-old in the changing room ready to announce their opinions about the various sizes of our anatomy…to the entire store. And talking on the phone? Forget it. That’s when kids come out of the woodwork with their most important questions, demands, and crises.

In today’s Share Saturday, we see how one mom so desperately wants just a couple minutes of privacy…but her toddler is having none of it. Like most kids, this little girl seems to have a radar that alerts her to the times when her mom wants to be alone the most and she shows up in full force. Fortunately, this mom has a sense of humor about the whole situation and was even willing to video the interaction…presumably because she knows that no matter what she does, this kid is not going anywhere! At one point she actually counts down, “5…4…3…2…1…” and sure enough, the door opens. Now that’s a mom who’s been around the block a time or two. But we have to admit, with such a sweet little girl running the show, it would be hard to get mad.

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