Italian Grandma Talks to Google Home For The First Time

Not a day goes by when my kids don’t laugh at me for my lack of technological experience. They laugh when I can’t get Siri to respond, they think it’s hysterical when my selfies turn out to be pictures of the ceiling, and they practically cry with laughter when I try to SnapChat.  So when Google Home came into our house this Christmas? Forget it. But even I can’t top this grandma as she tackles the latest advancements in home technology.

When You-Tuber Ben Actis and his family got his 85-year-old grandmother, an Italian immigrant with the accent to prove it, a Google Home Mini for Christmas, I don’t think anyone could have predicted a result quite as hilarious as this.

Devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo (along with their smaller counterparts) were top-sellers this Christmas. And with good reason.  Featuring the latest tech, they are designed to make our lives easier by providing synced control of multiple devices and offering voice-controlled answers to even our craziest questions. But not even the geniuses at Google could prepare their innovative Google Home Mini to take on this grandma.

As you might know, to make your Google Home come alive, all you have to do it say, “Hey, Google” or “Ok, Google,” then make requests to your heart’s content. But grandma had other ideas. It didn’t seem to matter how many times her family reminded her that she didn’t need to tap on the device, tap away she did. As for saying “Hey, Google”? “Aaaaaayyyy GOO GOO!!” was as good as it was going to get!

But you have to give it to this funny little lady. No matter how much her family laughed, she kept at it…even going so far as to sing in Italian to her Mini…and then maybe curse at it in Italian, as well. It was hard to tell. My Italian is a little rusty.

Regardless, she certainly gave us some laughs. And if nothing else, I feel like a technological genius after watching this…just don’t tell my kids.

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