Best Parks for Strollers in Richmond

When the sun it out here in Richmond, it’s hard not to have parks on the brain. After all, Richmond has absolutely TONS of great parks to choose from. However, even with so many awesome parks and green spaces throughout the area, if you have a stroller in tow, you have to think twice about where you’re headed. With that in mind, we set out to find the best parks for strollers in the Richmond area.

Taking the kids to the park is a rite of passage for parents. It’s a great way to get outside, burn some energy, and have fun as a family. But not all parks are created equally. And especially if you babies or toddlers along for the ride, it’s nice to have parks that are not only fun but allow you to use your stroller to its maximum potential.

Now, it’s true that a lot of us have jogging strollers with all-terrain wheels bigger than most car tires, which means that flat surfaces aren’t an absolute must. But if you’re just looking for a quick trip to the park, jogging strollers can be cumbersome. Likewise, as great as they are, even the most rugged strollers can be difficult to maneuver at times.

So in the interest of keeping your life simple (and tired kids happy), we’ve taken a look at some of Richmond’s top parks and picked a handful that are especially conducive to strollers of any kind.

Locals love the following parks for many reasons, but today they’ve made our top five list of best parks for strollers because they all offer the following:

  1. Paved walking paths
  2. Playgrounds or attractions that are easily accessible from the parking lot or path (i.e, it’s easy to leave the stroller parked while you play)
  3. Easy access to activities for the whole family—including the stroller-rider and the pusher!

Take a look at our best parks for strollers picks and you might just find your new go-to park! In the meantime, let us know if you have a favorite park in the area that is especially easy for strollers. We’d love to hear about it at

5. Rockwood Park

Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation / Facebook

As Chesterfield County’s oldest public park, Rockwood has long been a favorite spot for families in the area. And it’s no wonder. With everything from tennis courts to baseball diamonds to playgrounds and paved paths, this park really does seem to have it all. But this is especially good news for those of us with strollers in tow. With more than 160 acres to explore, this park provides ample opportunities for families to access all areas of park. The park’s large playground is located near a parking lot and offers benches ideal for parents who want to keep an eye on bigger kids playing on the playground, while watching over a parked stroller.

Why we love it: As we mentioned, paved paths wind throughout the park, however, there are also non-paved walking trails for a total of 5 ½ miles of paths. While paved paths are definitely ideal for strollers, Rockwood’s other trails still offer a fair bit of stroller-friendly access, especially for jogging strollers. Likewise, this park offers something for everyone. With a nature center, gardens, an arboretum, a dog park, flat-surfaced playgrounds that are easy for toddlers and strollers alike, plenty of picnic shelters, and countless athletic fields, Rockwood is the perfect park for a family outing, hike, or picnic—even with a stroller.

3401 Courthouse Road, North Chesterfield, VA 23236


4. PARK365 (formerly known as ARCpark)

The Greater Richmond ARC / Facebook

This Northside gem is one of our favorite Richmond parks for a number of reasons. But its real claim to fame is the playgrounds that it offers. PARK365’s all-inclusive play place features three state-of-the-art playgrounds specifically sized and designed for different ages groups, including toddlers, school-aged kids and older kids and/or adults. But best of all is the fact that this park offers fun-filled features for able-bodied people, as well as those with disabilities. And that means that no one is excluded from the fun—including parents with strollers!

The playgrounds themselves feature poured rubber surfaces to make landings a little softer, as well as to allow easy movement for strollers or wheelchairs. Plus, paved paths cover the park’s 2.4 acres, making it easy to explore, and easily earning it a spot as one of our best parks for strollers.

Why we love it: There are few things better than a really cool playground. And while PARK365 doesn’t offer as much as some of our other parks in terms of nature walks, their play spaces more than make up for it. In addition to three playgrounds, the park also offers a wheelchair accessible treehouse—which, you guessed it, can also be accessed by a stroller. You’ll also enjoy a water-misting station for warmers days, a custom multi-sensory wall, and plenty of shaded picnic pavilions. As one of the area’s only all-inclusive playgrounds, PARK365 is ideal for family outings and truly allows everyone, regardless of ability, to be part of the fun.

3600 Saunders Avenue, Richmond VA 23227


3. Deep Run Park and Recreation Center

Deep Run Park and Recreation Center / Yelp / photo by Damian L.

Scenery is the name of the game at Deep Run Park and Recreation Center. With ample paved paths and boardwalks winding through the picturesque wooded landscape, this park is the perfect place to commune with nature as a family. And, of course, your strollers will be more than welcome! You and the kids will love walking around the park’s ponds, playing on the playground, stopping for a picnic in the gazebo, or even trying your hand at fishing. With so many options, and stroller access for all of them, this park will entertain the whole family for hours.

Why we love it: It’s hard to beat the beauty of this nature-focused park. But what we really love about this park is that it offers more than just paved paths. The boardwalks offer a fun change from standard walking trails, and with a large waterfront gazebo right along the path, its easy to park the stroller in the shade and enjoy a few moments of tranquility by the water. With plenty of picnic shelters, a playground with stroller-accessible surfaces, and open fields for playing, Deep Run Park is ideal for exercise that suits every age group—even those that need to ride more than they run.

9900 Ridgefield Pkwy, Richmond, VA 23233 


2. Maymont

Maymont / Facebook

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this multi-attraction park is one of our top choices for best parks for strollers in Richmond. From the Children’s Farm to the wildlife exhibits to the multiple, beautifully manicured gardens located throughout this 100-acre park, you’ll find paved paths pretty much everywhere you go. While this is the one park on our list that doesn’t offer a formal playground, we think you’ll agree, that no one will miss swings or slides with so many things to see and explore. Whether you want to spend a few hours feeding the goats, watching river otters play in the Nature Center, or strolling the grounds of the exquisitely preserved Victorian mansion around which the park was built, you’ll find that  Maymont is perfect for strollers, while still offering ample space for toddlers and bigger kids to run, play, and explore.

Why we love it: Maymont offers a full day of fun for the whole family. And with paths covering every part of the park, you don’t have to be limited in what you choose to do. The park also offers multiple entrances, so if, for example, you know you want to start at the Nature Center, you can park just out front—and the same goes for the Children’s Farm. Stroll along the paths, pull over and let the kids run in the gardens, stop to play in any of the open grassy fields along the way. Best of all, you’ll also find plenty of benches and easy-to-access spots if you need to park your stroller or take a break.

Nature and Visitor Center Entrance
2201 Shields Lake Drive, Richmond, VA, 23220

Historic Estate Entrance
1700 Hampton St, Richmond, VA 23220

Children’s Farm and Wildlife Exhibits Entrance
Spottswood Road and Shirley Lane, Richmond, VA, 23220


1. Twin Hickory Park and Recreation Center

Twin Hickory Park and Recreation Center / Yelp / Photo by Twin Hickory Park and Recreation Center

This Glen Allen park is a relative new comer, but since opening in 2014, Twin Hickory has quickly become a go-to destination for family outings. The park’s popularity is due in large part to features like walking trails, open play areas, a multi-purpose field, a picnic shelter with restrooms, separate playgrounds for ages 2-5 and ages 6-12, and perhaps one of its best features—a “sprayground” perfect for kids 12 and under. With all of these amenities, it’s easy to see why Twin Hickory topped our list for best parks for strollers. With large paved areas surrounding the playgrounds and sprayground, strollers are a breeze to maneuver and manage.

Why we love it: Twin Hickory takes our top prize thanks to the versatility it offers. Not only are there great play spaces, but the park’s trails offer a chance to get out and explore nature. Stroll down tree-lined paths that are perfect for strollers, park the stroller by a bench while you relax and the kids play, or take your stroller right onto the playground thanks to smooth, rubber play surfaces. With plenty of parking, plenty of paths, and plenty of play space for the whole family, Twin Hickory meets all of our stroller-friendly standards with room to spare.

5011 Twin Hickory Road, Glen Allen, VA 23059

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