Little Girl With Down Syndrome Meets Her New Mom

Adoption is a beautiful thing, both for the family that gains a child and for the child that gains a family. But the reasons for adoption are as varied as the families themselves. Some parents adopt because they are not able to have children of their own. There are others that choose adoption over having their own biological children. Then, there are families who have biological children but feel like they simply have more love to give.

In the case of the Shook Family, they already had five biological children of their own. But ever since Audrey Shook had seen a documentary about Chinese orphanages more than twenty years earlier, she knew she wanted to adopt from China one day. The Shooks began the adoption process by signing up to host a child from China. But when they saw a picture of six-year-old Lucy, a little girl with Down Syndrome living in a Chinese orphanage, they knew that “hosting” would never be enough. From that moment on, they felt she was already their daughter.

In July 2015, the Shooks joined a crowd of other host parents at the Houston airport. Even before the children stepped off the plane, emotions were running high as families anxiously awaited their newest family members. Needless to say, emotions overflowed as soon as the children came into sight. But, when Audrey leaned down to meet Lucy in person for the first time, well…I don’t think I’m the only one who will admit to losing it.

While Lucy might not have known what her adoption meant at the time, or what it would mean for her future, there’s no doubt that she knew she had found her family.  It’s clear that this was more than just an adoption – it was a homecoming.

Watch as Lucy meets Audrey…and good luck not crying!

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