Little Scottish Girls Explains Easter With Hilarious Results

We sometimes give kids a hard time for asking so many questions. We find it frustrating or even annoying. But sometimes it’s just downright funny. For example, it’s hard not to laugh when this little Scottish girl explains Easter…but only after interrogating her dad as he tries to paint Easter eggs. While her dad does an admirably good job of answering and explaining, she has a way of breaking down Easter that will definitely leave you with something to think about.

As parents, or even just as adults, we are often left stumped by kids’ questioning minds, because, let’s be honest, kids think of things from angles that we can’t even begin to imagine. In today’s Share Saturday video, Isla Nelson watches as her dad, Mark, decorates eggs for the upcoming Easter holiday. Naturally, as every three-year-old does, she has some questions. After first tackling the ultimate parenting double standard of candy on holidays but lectures about sweets being bad for you every other day of the year, she moves on to what must be an obvious friendship between Jesus and the Easter Bunny. Clearly, if they share double billing on a holiday, they must be pals, right?

And if little Isla isn’t cute enough on her own, her Scottish accent will win you over for sure. If nothing else, you’ll definitely appreciate the way her mind works as she explains Easter from a kid’s point of view.

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