Family Performs ‘Les Mis’ Karaoke With Awe-Inspiring Results

Many families have that one song that everyone in the family knows all the words to. Maybe it’s a song that was always played on family road trips. Maybe it’s something that one of the family members knows how to play on the guitar or piano. Or maybe it’s just a song that has special meaning. Whatever it is, and yes, my family has “that” song, there’s nothing more fun than singing it at the top of your lungs as a group. But then, along comes the LeBaron Family. Suffice it to say, they make my family song sound like an out of tune version of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

The LeBaron Family features five siblings and their spouses – and an almost unbelievable amount of talent. Recently, their mother requested a recording of “One More Day” from the Broadway classic, Les Miserables. And so, after realizing they had the full cast covered, this modern day VonTrapp family pulled up the karaoke track, ran through it once or twice, then created what has gone on to become a viral sensation.

In just one week, their home recorded video garnered more than 9 million views. But once you see it, you’ll understand why. Despite holding babies, toddlers running underfoot, and very little practice, this family of 10 delivers an absolutely awe-inspiring performance.

The LeBaron Family says that they have always sung together and some of the siblings have even received formal training. But for them, music was about more than just talent, it was about coming together as a family. After the loss of a sister in 2002, music is what helped them heal. And when the youngest LeBaron son, Landon, was diagnosed with autism, music kept him going. He eventually developed perfect pitch and serves a key member of the group.

While the LeBaron Family has no formal plans to do anything with their music at the moment, preferring instead to focus on their families, they hope this video will inspire families to spend time together and share the joy of music with their own children. But who knows what doors could open? Because I’m telling you, once you’ve heard the LeBaron Family sing, you’re going to want to hear more!