Hilarious Video About The Surprises Of Parenthood

People always say things like, “Kids don’t come with instruction manuals.” All it takes is about an hour after giving birth to realize just how true that is. And frankly, if we really knew just what we were getting into, I have a feeling a lot more people would find themselves at the SPCA adopting kittens instead of embarking on parenthood. But there’s one thing we can all agree on, once you’ve made that leap into parenthood, you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. No matter how crazy it gets.

Tiffany Jenkins is a wife, mom, and author who shares her oh-so-real parenting and life stories via hilarious skits, vlogs, and blog posts. In this week’s Share Saturdays video, we find Tiffany doing what she does best – absolutely nailing the truth about having kids. In two minutes, she pretty much sums up the highlights of what we all know is a VERY long list of things that we didn’t expect about parenthood.

From our kids’ response to gifts to their incessant potty breaks to their obsession with toothbrushes (except when we actually want them to brush their teeth), Tiffany will have you laughing the whole way through with her observations and dry humor.

And while you’ll laugh, and most likely shake her head in resigned agreement, what we love most about this video – and Tiffany’s approach to parenthood – is how she wraps it up. Because the thing is, no matter how frustrating parenthood is, no matter how many unexpected events happen along the way, the greatest surprise of all is the love we feel. And that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

So grab a cup of coffee (preferably out of your kids’ spill zone), then sit back and enjoy this hilariously true look at parenthood – from one parent to another.

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