10 Mom Hacks Every Busy Mom Should Know

There was a time that if you wanted to learn something new, needed to get advice, or just needed some good mom hacks, you had limited options – look it up in a book or ask your mom. These days, however, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips at all times thanks to the internet. This is incredibly useful as a parent because no matter how much we think we know, kids have a funny way of reminding us just how much we have yet to learn.

Over the years, the internet has become a valuable resource for many parents. In fact, in 2015, Google completed a study to see just how moms were using the internet to answer their parenting concerns. What they found was that 83% of moms search online for answers with three out of five turning to videos for how-to advice, instructions and mom hacks. The same study showed that more and more moms are turning to sites like YouTube to get information on everything from parenting to baby products.

With this in mind, we decided to do a little investigating ourselves to see just what all the fuss was about. What we found was that is definitely no shortage of incredible resources. If you’re an experienced “YouTuber”, then you already know this. But if you’re just getting started with the whole idea of online advice seeking, then the options might seem a little overwhelming. Either way, we’ve picked out 10 of our favorite mom hack and how-to videos to give you some inspiration.

Take a look at some of these incredibly clever and creative ideas, tips, and mom hacks. With ideas for everything from travel to cooking, you’re sure to pick up a trick or two that will make your busy life just a little more manageable.

1. DIY Family Portraits

Digital photography makes taking pictures of our families easier than ever. But only if you know what you’re doing. If you’re like me, then you’ve already made the investment in a really great camera—you just aren’t sure how to use it yet. In this simple video from Angela at This Gathered Nest, you can learn some quick and easy tips for taking family pictures that you’ll be proud to hang on the wall. If you’re feeling especially inspired, you can even sign up for Angela’s online photography course, Mamarazzi.


2. Tips for Traveling with Kids

If you’ve ever traveled with kids, then you know how hard it can be. Not only do kids have no respect for when, where, or how they have a meltdown, they are also going to get bored, tired, and hungry. And chances are they’ll make a mess somewhere in the midst of it all, as well. This video from psychologist and mom, Dr. Zelana Montminy, offers advice on everything from what to pack in your carry-on to activities and snacks that will make travel easier on everyone involved…especially you.


3. Tips for Keeping Craft Time Clean, Organized, and Fun

When my kids were little and we went shopping, they would stare longingly at the aisles of craft supplies, but they knew better than to ask. It was a known fact that “Mommy doesn’t do paint…or glitter…or play dough.” If only I had had the team at What’s Up Moms to show me that there’s a way to do crafts and keep your sanity, it might have been a very different story. In this quick mom hack tutorial, you’ll learn great ideas for keeping your surfaces clean, your supplies organized, and your kids happy.


4. Mom Hacks to Make Mornings Easier

If you find yourself dreading mornings because they just never seem to go your way, then you’ll love this funny, but helpful video from Jordan at Millennial Moms…who may be my new best friend, by the way. In this five-minute video, you’ll find tips on how to get yourself ready, get the kids ready, and finally, get out the door. Here’s a hint: it’s all about planning!


5. How To Clear Your Kitchen Clutter

Not only is the kitchen where people tend to gather, but inevitably, it ends up being where the household clutter goes to live. Not only does our stuff pile up, but the kids’ stuff tends to take over, as well. This great video, also from the team at What’s Up Moms, will give you some fast and easy ideas for reclaiming your kitchen counters from clutter and keeping them that way.


6. Tips for Organizing a Small Space – On A Budget!

We all have that one space in our house that we know could be put to better use. Whether it’s a small bedroom or an underutilized closet, we tend to stare at it without knowing quite where to start. If you feel my pain, then you’ll love this DIY closet-to-home-office transformation, brought to you by Kathryn at Do It On A Dime. Using inexpensive products and some truly creative organization, she turns a wasted space into a cozy home office. While you might not be looking for an office, you’re sure to find plenty of tips and ideas for maximizing any space in your home.


7. Sick Day Hacks

With cold and flu season in full swing, chances are you’ve already had at least one day at home with a sick kid. It’s not fun for anyone involved. That’s why we were so excited to find this video from Meg at Love Meg. Complete with tips for handling various types of illnesses, creative ways to take medicine, and even some home remedies, this will be a sanity saver for you and your kids alike.


8. How To Make Freezer Meals

We’ve all heard about how helpful it is to make freezer meals. By buckling down and spending a day hard at work in the kitchen, we can set ourselves up for weeks of meals that are ready to go. But as with most things that I know would make my life easier, I tend to get overwhelmed by the process. That’s why this video is so great. In this 30-minute video, Samantha from Happily a Housewife walks you through her process as she makes 14 freezer meals. She shows you how to organize and prep your space, how to package meals, and most importantly, she gives a real-life look at cooking in a busy house with kids!


9. Must-Haves (and Purchase Regrets) for New Moms

When it comes to baby gear, it’s a constantly changing market. Even a couple of years can change what’s available. But one thing remains the same: everyone will have an opinion on what’s necessary. That being said, there’s no shortage of lists and videos out there telling you what you need to have for a new baby. But what set this video from Natalie Bennett apart was her straightforward, honest approach. Not only does she tell you about the products that she found to be essential, she’ll also tell you about a few items that she found to be less than useful. If you’re trying to figure out what you need for a baby of your own, or perhaps you’re shopping for another special mom-to-be, Natalie offers great tips about what to buy and what to avoid.


10. Homemade Lunch Hacks

Most of us like the idea of sending our kids to school with a healthy homemade lunch – or for that matter, having a more organized system for lunch on weekends and school breaks. But sometimes it’s easier said than done. First of all, it’s easy to get in a rut and fall back on boring standards. Secondly, the costs can add up we fall back on pre-packaged items that usually come with a higher price tag. Lastly, mornings can be chaotic. More than once I’ve driven a lunch to school—not because my child forgot it, but because I did. If you can relate, then this video of Lunch Making Hacks from Kimmy at She’s In Her Apron will be just thing you’re looking for. Learn how to prep, save money, and make healthy homemade lunches that are fun for everyone.

We hope these videos have provided you with some mom hacks that will serve to make your life easier. In the meantime, if you have any great ideas, tips, or go-to YouTube channels that offer great advice or mom hacks, let us know. Tell us about it at cs@richmondmom.com!