This Hilarious Walk Through Disney is Every Parent Ever

Disney Share Sat 1Everyone knows Disney is the most magical place on earth. At least it was when we were kids. Even if you had never been, you knew people who had gone. Which meant that you also knew the myths and legends surrounding that wondrous oasis of childhood fantasy known as Disney World. And once you had kids of your own, chances are, you added Disney to your own parenting bucket list.

As a kid who grew up not just believing, but KNOWING that Disney was the greatest place on the planet, I, for one, couldn’t wait to recreate the magic for my kids. And so, in time, we set off on our own Disney adventure. What I failed to realize is that, since I was a kid, the Magic Kingdon had gotten a lot hotter, a lot more crowded, much more expensive, approximately one million times larger, and It’s a Small World wasn’t, in fact, worth a three-hour wait in line.

It took me roughly until the third round of Space Mountain to realize that maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t that Disney had changed, but rather that I had.

In this week’s Share Saturday video, stand-up comedian John Crist offers a parents’ perspective on Disney that is so spot on, you’ll feel like he’s inside your head. From his take on the price of a pair of bedazzled mouse ears to his thoughts on “Goofy-shaped chicken nuggets,” Crist will have you laughing until your sides hurt – only because the truth is so real.

Now, I have to admit, deep down I do still believe that Disney is the most magical place on earth, if not for my own benefit, then for the pure joy it brings my kids. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t have a good laugh at the reality of it along the way. And something tells me, all of you parents out there will feel exactly the same way after you see this hilarious look at the Magic Kingdom.


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