Dad Breaks It Down For His “Mommy’s Boys”

If you have kids, then you know there are times when they tend to prefer one parent over the over. For example, you might have a daddy’s girl who just can’t get enough of her father’s attention. Or you might have mommy’s boys who like nothing more than a cuddle with mom. And of course, this doesn’t mean that kids don’t love both parents equally, or that one parent is better than another. And it definitely doesn’t mean that the tides won’t change with time. But sometimes kids are just in a phase. That’s just how parenting goes.

But, if you’ve ever been the parent that isn’t the “in fashion” at the moment, then you know that not being the favorite can hurt – even if you know that it’s nothing personal. In today’s Share Saturday video, we get to see a hilariously honest look at what it’s like to be the parent who has to sit on the sidelines.

Devale Ellis is a former NFL wide receiver who, along with his wife Khadeen, has created a major following on social media with their vlog, The Ellises. Devale and Khadeen are the proud parents of two boys, Jackson and Kairo, and many of their videos focus on the reality of family life and the chaos that comes along with it. But what we love the most about this family series is the positive and truthful messages that Devale puts out there about being a parent. Not only is he showing us the importance of being an active and engaged parent, but he doesn’t hold back when it come to the feelings we all have when dealing with the ups and downs of life with kids.

Nowhere is that truer than in this video where we see Devale break it down for his kids when, no matter what he does, all they want is their mom. While no doubt happy to have two beautiful healthy sons, Devale warns them all of how life is going to be if he ever gets a daughter – and trust us, these mommy’s boys aren’t invited to a single tea party…ever!

If you’ve ever been the parent that just couldn’t seem to win, then you’re going to love this video every bit as much as we did!

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