Girl’s Reaction To Finding Out She’s Being Adopted Is Pure Magic

Zezulkas Adoption Share SatIt wasn’t long after Paige and Daniel Zezulka decided to become foster parents that they got a call about a five-month-old boy named Kai who was in need of a home. The Zezulkas said yes without hesitation. So when word came later that Kai’s little sister, Lita, who was only a few weeks old also needed a home? Another resounding yes.

In the meantime, the Zezulkas learned that Kai and Lita had an older sister, Ivey, living in foster care with another family. Through visits with Ivey and her siblings, it became clear how much they cared for one another and so, around the same time that Lita was moving in, Ivey came to live with the Zezulkas, as well.

With foster care, the ultimate goal is always to reunite children with their biological families in a safe and healthy way. But as we all know, that’s not always possible. As it became increasingly evident that returning to their previous situation was not in their best interest, the Zezulkas started looking into adoption, wanting nothing more than to keep the siblings together and create a family with these children they had grown to love.

Finally, on August 23, 2018, which also happened to be Ivey’s 10th birthday, the Zezulkas found out that the adoption had gone through. After three years in foster care, Ivey and her siblings, now three years old and two years old, would have their forever home. The next day, the Zezulkas gave Ivey a wrapped box with a framed note inside – and her reaction was pure magic.

The following video shows the moment that Ivey found out that her life would be changed forever. When Paige Zezulka shared the video on Facebook, she wrote, “This will be my favorite video I ever share.” And we have to agree. Ivey’s response to her new parents is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful expressions of love and joy that we have ever seen.

With national adoption month coming up in November and national foster care month have just passed in May, this family’s story is a powerful reminder of how much we need loving families willing to share their lives with children in need.

And so to Ivey, Kai, Lita, and their parents, we say congratulations! As for the rest of you, all we can say is grab some tissues before you hit play…you’re going to need them!

CREDIT: Paige Zezulka / Facebook

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