Best Home Repair and Handyman Services in Richmond

Best home repair and handymanAfter Hurricane Florence hit the coast of North Carolina last week, the nation turned its eyes to the devastation left in her wake. Roads washed away, homes flooded, and property was destroyed throughout the Carolinas. And while we were certainly spared the worst of it in Virginia, we’ve felt the peripheral effects of Florence throughout the state – including here in Richmond. From torrential rains to an historical outbreak of tornadoes in and around the city of Richmond, many of us experienced damage and loss of property. It’s times like this that remind of just how important it is to have a home repair company that we can rely on for fast, reliable, affordable service.

However, as any homeowner can tell you, it’s not just natural disasters that create emergencies at home. Anything from a leaky roof to a busted pipe can cause extensive damage to our homes and property if not dealt with quickly and effectively. And if we have structures or conditions that are already weakened when something like a storm does occur, the final results are that much worse.

Keeping our home in top condition is not unlike safeguarding our health. We take preventive measure to keep our body healthy so that when outside influences come into play, we have the best chance of staying healthy. The same goes for our homes. When we keep them in top condition, even when disaster strikes, we have the best chance of coming through it without further damage. But just like you wouldn’t trust your family’s health to just anyone, you don’t want to leave your home’s care and well being to chance. Effective home repair and maintenance requires a professional approach from a reliable home repair service.

Whether you experienced damage to your home or property during the recent storms or not, we want to make sure that you have the best resources possible to keep your home in top condition. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the top home repair and handyman services available in the Richmond area in order to help you find service providers that will help you keep your home in prime condition. When looking for our favorites, we chose five home repair services that met the following criteria:

  1. Excellent reputation
  2. Fast, reliable service
  3. Quick quotes and response times
  4. Wide variety of available services

The five companies that we chose proved to have what it takes to make sure that your home stays in peak condition – whether for small repairs or major renovations.

5. Mr. Nice Guy Home Services

With stellar ratings, quick response times, and thorough work, Mr. Nice Guy Home Services is the go-to home repair service for many in the Richmond area. They provide service for Richmond and the surrounding areas with hours every day but Sunday, as well as 24-hour emergency services for those times when your repairs simply can’t wait. Mr. Nice Guy Home Services has also gained a reputation for going above and beyond to ensure that the job is done right and that the repair site is clean before they leave.

Why we love them: Even if a company is known for doing good work, it won’t matter unless you can actually get a hold of them. Mr. Nice Guy make scheduling easy. Not only can you call anytime, but they also provide online booking for a variety of services. Each project includes a full consultation along with available options and estimates so that you can choose the repairs that you want and/or need to keep your projects both affordable and effective.

Services Provided:
General Home Maintenance

(804) 803-1877


4. Professional Home Services

Great local reviews are one thing (and Professional Home Services has plenty of them), but national recognition? Well, that just builds confidence across the board. Professional Home Services is a 2018 Best of the Best National Award Winner thanks to their dedication to providing quality work at fair prices. With hours available seven days a week, they provide quality service for roofing, siding, doors, and windows throughout the Greater Richmond area, including Henrico, Goochland, Midlothian, and Chesterfield.

Why we love them: Professional Home Services has built a reputation for spending quality time with their customers in order to fully understand their needs. They don’t believe in pressuring clients into pricier projects, but work openly and honestly to make sure you are getting the work you want at a price that’s fair. In addition, they provide free estimates for all of their jobs, are fully licensed and insured, and carry an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Services Provided:
Roofing repairs and replacement
Vinyl siding installation, replacement, and repair
Custom doors
Seamless gutter installation and repair
Window replacement

(804) 216-5924


3. Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder provides siding, roofing, window replacement, interior and exterior painting and carpentry services for customers throughout the Greater Richmond area. And while this does not set them apart, what does is their quality of service. When it comes to home repair, they go above and beyond to ensure the quality of their work – and it shows in the reputation they’ve built throughout the Greater Richmond area, the awards they’ve won, and their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Why we love them: Anyone could say they provide good work. But not many companies are able to back it up like Jacob’s Ladder. All of their work is backed by their personal “Articles of Faith,” a series of standards that they adhere to from start to finish of every job. These articles include a commitment to honest, no-pressure sales, product and workmanship warranties, a promise to leave work sites clean and more. No detail is left out – and the proof is in the amazing quality of the work they do. They’ll even go so far as to work with your insurance company in the event that your repair can be claimed under your homeowner’s policy. Now that’s service!

Services Provided:
Vinyl, Fiber Cement, and Fiberglass Siding installation, replacement, and repair
Roofing repair and replacement
Window replacement and installation
Interior and exterior painting
General carpentry

(804) 255-9142
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4. Mr. Handyman of Richmond

If we’re being honest, the majority of home repairs are not major. In fact, it’s often the myriad of little things that we need done that tend to build up and create the most frustration. However, should something major occur, wouldn’t it be nice to have a reliable one-stop shop for everything? That’s exactly what Mr. Handyman of Richmond provides for the Greater Richmond area. They offer a wide range of home repair services from interior to exterior repairs – all backed by their Done Right Guarantee.

Why we love them: While Mr. Handyman may be a national company, their franchises are locally owned to ensure owners and service professionals who live and are involved in the communities where they work. Plus, because they have the backing of a large team you can always count on fast response times, a large network of highly trained specialists, and fair pricing for every project. And at the end of the day, that’s the stuff that really matters when it comes to quality home repair.

Services Provided:
Click here for a complete list of local services.

(804) 372-3084
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1. MR. FIX-IT™

MR. FIX-IT began as a small, family-owned operation in the Richmond area in 1970. But thanks to the exceptional quality of their work, they have grown to a much larger organization that now provides home repair services throughout Virginia. Fortunately, their growth has not diminished the quality of their work. In fact, over time, they have only strengthened their commitment to excellence, garnering countless awards along the way, including Best Handyman Award, Richmond Magazine and One of the Top 1,000 Contractors in the U.S.A., Remodeling Magazine.

Why we love them: Home repairs can be intimidating, not just because of the time and work involved, but because of the cost. But MR. FIX-IT understands. In addition to excellent work for virtually any home repair, remodel, or renovation, MR. FIX-IT offers financing for everything from window replacements to gutter installation to kitchen remodeling. They’ll work with you to find the right services at the right price – ensuring your peace of mind from start to finish.

Services Provided:
Window replacement
Gutter installation and repair
Roofing services
Kitchen and bath repair, renovation, and remodeling
Interior and exterior handyman services

1 (800) 816-9140
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