Grandfather Tap Dances With 10-Year Old Granddaughter…Straight Into Our Hearts

Tap Dancing GrandfatherFor those of us lucky enough to have known our grandfathers, we know that few things can replace them. Grandfathers are a special thing – even though no two are quite alike. Some grandfathers are the kind that let you sit on their knee to hear stories of what life was like when they were young; others let you “help” them around the yard or in their shop; and some are simply always there with a warm hug and kind smile. But, for the most part, they’re all equally wonderful. However, Maeve Jones of Reading, Massachusetts might have just hit the jackpot of all jackpots when it comes to her grandfather. Read on and you’ll see why.

Maeve is a 10-year dance student whose summer recital was coming up. When she found our that her 72-year old grandfather, Bill Jones, had always loved to dance she landed on the perfect idea. Why not have him perform with her? Jones quickly agreed and after six weeks of practicing together one hour a week, the two took to the stage.

After Maeve’s mother, Jaime Jones, posted a clip of the pair’s routine on Instagram, she got so many likes that she realized people simply needed to see more. Barely a month later, the video has had more than 11 million views on Facebook and nearly 400,000 on YouTube. Watch the video below and you’ll quickly see how Maeve and her grandfather managed to tap their way across the floor and into hearts across the nation.

I was lucky enough to know and love both of my grandfathers – and I’m eternally grateful that my kids not only know, but have special relationships with their grandfathers. It’s videos like this that make me wish I could hug my grandfathers one last time. So, take a moment to appreciate those special men – whether they tap dance or not – because, no matter who they are, there’s just nothing quite like a grandfather!

Be sure to watch the entire video…because the best surprise is at the end!

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