Pizza Delivery Guy Blows Family Away With Beethoven Performance

Pizza Delivery ConcertWhen the Varchetti family in Detroit, Michigan ordered pizza this past July, they expected what most people would expect from a delivery – namely, pizza. But what they got was so much more. Their pizza delivery guy, 18-year old Bryce Dudal, noticed their baby grand piano, an instrument that the Varchettis admit often goes untouched. When Bryce asked if he could take a closer look, the Varchettis agreed and asked if he played. He said he did and admitted he’d love to play something for them. Again, the Varchettis readily agreed. After all, how often do you get a free concert with your pizza? But far from a rousing rendition of “Chopsticks,” what the Varchettis got was a nearly flawless version of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata Third Movement, Opus 27 #2….played from memory.

Bryce Dudal is like a normal 18-year old in many ways. He’s a recent high school grad who just started attending Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan on a baseball scholarship. But Bryce has something that not many other 18-year-olds have – and that is an almost prodigy-like talent for music.

According to an interview with The Washington Post, Bryce taught himself to play piano at the age of six when his aunt showed him a few short pieces on his family’s small keyboard. He would later practice on her full-size piano, teaching himself more and more, including Beethoven’s “Moonlight” sonata, a piece he first heard when he was only six or seven years old.

After searching for a teacher who could actually match his talent, Bryce took piano lessons for a number of years, only taking a break from the piano as he became more interested in baseball later in high school. But after his impromptu concert for the Varchetti family (which they, thankfully, videoed), Bryce found more than a little fame, going on to give  interviews on both local and national news shows, and even landing an appearance on The Ellen Show. He admitted that the attention renewed his love for music…a bit of news that we’re more than happy to hear.

We hope to see and, more importantly, hear more from this talented young man in the future, but in the meantime, Bryce’s story is a good reminder that things aren’t always as they seem. You never know what incredible gifts someone might be hiding underneath a pizza delivery disguise. Of course, next time I order pizza, my delivery person may be curious as to why I have an array of musical instrument sitting suggestively by the front door…but hey, you just never know!

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