Twins Show Just How Different Their Personalities Are In This Funny Video

TwinsIt’s always amazing to see how different children can be even when they have the same genes. You would think with the same parents, same family, and same lifestyle kids would end up being more alike than they often are. But as anyone with more than one child knows, fishing in the same gene pool definitely does not guarantee the same results. And the twins in today’s Share Saturday video are the perfect example.

Despite their physical similarities, I mean, they are twins after all, these little girls make it clear that we each have our own personality from the start. The girls’ mom, Regina Durante from Chicago, Illinois, wanted to get a video of the girls watching a clip of “Old MacDonald Had A Farm.” But what she got was a hilarious case study in the psychology of personalities.

The girls’ vastly different reactions prove that we are all born with a distinct core personality. And our responses to situations, while they may be shaped by experience over time, are often a result of who we are thanks to nature as much as nurture. In this case, it’s not too hard to tell which one of these twins is going to be the wild one and which one will be the more serious one!

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