Watch Future Parents Attempting To Put Together A Pack N ‘ Play And Try Not To Laugh!

Future ParentsWe all remember the days before we were parents. We were young and innocent and thought we knew it all – we were future parents. The best thing about being a future parent is that you still have some sense of idealism. You still think that parenting will be fun and amazing, because it can’t be that hard, right?

Of course, as seasoned parents, we know now that there is no way to really prepare anyone for all that parenting entails. There’s no way to describe the sleepless nights, the temper tantrums, or the endless piles of laundry. Granted, there’s no way to describe the all encompassing love or joy that kids bring either. But there are a few things we can offer future parents in terms of preparation for all that awaits. And one of the best? Let them try to put together baby gear.

If you want to convey the sense of mind-numbing frustration that comes with doing something that looks like it should be SO much easier than it really is, grab your future parent friends and give them some baby gear to set up, assemble, or try to unravel. Not only will they get a momentary sense of the the primary feelings they’ll be having for the next 20 years of their life, but you’ll get a good laugh.

In this hilarious video, compliments of, we get a first hand look at some future parents actually attempting the task most of have now mastered and could probably do in our sleep. Namely – setting up a pack n’ play.

Just like the hapless victims in’s Future Parent Challenge, chances are, we’d seen a friend or relative set one up – and they made it look so easy. Just unpack it, pop a few piece into place and voila! And then we tried it ourselves. If this video doesn’t take you back to your first time and give you some laughs, then we don’t know what will!

Enjoy…then pat yourself on the back for mastering one of parenting’s greatest challenges!

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