Best Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Kids in Richmond

Having a birthday that falls during the winter months, especially near the holidays, can be tough. Not only do you have winter weather to contend with, virtually eliminating any outdoor party ideas, but crazy holiday schedules, winter break, and a myriad of other things can get in the way. As someone who has a daughter with a birthday just a week after Christmas, I have spent years trying to plan birthday celebrations around the start of school post-winter break, all the while having just barely recovered from the holiday season myself.

Over the years, we have learned to be creative, even going as far as to celebrate a “half birthday,” thereby allowing my winter baby to have a summer party in which she could enjoy all the benefits of beautiful weather, flexible schedules, and an extended celebration of her special day. However, sometimes kids don’t want to wait to celebrate – and explaining a four to six month gap from their birthday to their party can be hard.

Fortunately, winter parties don’t have to be limited by the weather. Richmond offers tons of options for fun, indoor and outdoor activities that not only suit the season, but your child’s interests – and perhaps most importantly, your post-holiday budget. But best of all, while you might be thinking your party ideas are limited to an indoor play area or your own home, we’re here to tell you – you’ve got options!

Below, you’ll find our favorite birthday party ideas for winter birthdays in the Greater Richmond area. While doing our party planning, we made sure that each suggestion offered the following perks:

  1. A range of budget options
  2. Good for a wide range of ages
  3. Simple planning (we know how tired you are!)
  4. Options for a wide range of interests
  5. Options for parties outside of your own home

If you have a winter birthday to plan, then be sure to take a look at these amazing ideas for winter party fun. And in the meantime, if you’ve got some experience with winter birthday planning and have ideas that you’d like to share, let us know! Drop us a line anytime at

And of course, if you’re looking for even more great ideas, don’t miss our comprehensive Richmond Birthday Parties Ideas Guide – it’s PACKED with ideas for any age, party theme, or location.

1. Winter Pool and Slumber Party 

Winter Birthday Parties_SwimRVA
SwimRVA / Facebook

For a kid with a winter birthday, a pool party may seem like the most elusive birthday party of all. While their spring and summer birthday counterparts are planning elaborate parties at the local pool or water park, your winter baby can only dream, right? Not necessarily. There are a number of Richmond area hotels that offer indoor pools and great winter rates.

Age levels: Good for elementary, tweens, and teens

How to plan: Check discount travel sites like Trip Advisor, Expedia,,, and Kayak for deals on hotels with indoor pools and multi-room or multi-bed suites. You’ll find that many offer suites under $100. While you may not be able to invite the entire neighborhood, you can still take a reasonable number of guest along and make a whole night of it! Bring your own decorations and party supplies, order some pizza straight to the hotel (or bring your own dinner), let the kids wear themselves out at the pool, then party it up in your room. Not only will you not have to worry about your own home bearing the brunt of a slumber party, but your winter baby will get the pool party of their dreams.

Not up for an overnight party? Check out SwimRVA’s Pool Party options for an indoor party any time of the year! Packages include two-hours of party time (including one hour in the pool), decorations, pizza, cake, paperware and utensils, a private party planner, and more – all starting at $259 for up to 14 guests.


2. Cooking Party

Winter Birthday_Young Chefs Academy
Young Chefs Academy / Facebook

Kids love being in the kitchen, but parents don’t always enjoy cleaning up the mess. With a cooking or “Little Chef’s” party at some of Richmond’s premier kids’ cooking locations, you can give your little chef and their friends a chance to be creative, enjoy hands-on activities, and best of all, the food is taken care of automatically!

Age levels: Good for preschool, elementary, tweens, and teens.

How to Plan: Richmond offers a number of fantastic cooking schools that provide all-inclusive party packages – from the menu ingredients to the party decorations. All you have to do is book a date, make your guest list, and show up! Most parties start around $300 – which might sound steep, but if you’ve ever bought party supplies, food, a cake, and all of the other accouterments for a kid’s party, you know the numbers add up quickly. With these options, one price takes care of it all – plus, you get to skip the clean up. Take a look at some of these options and contact them for more details:

Edible Education Birthday Parties – parties start at $350
Frostings Cupcake Decorating Parties – parties start at $245
Mise En Place Culinary Kids Parties – parties start at $300
Young Chefs Academy Birthday Parties – parties start at $265


3. Indoor Climbing Party

Winter Birthday_Triangle Rock Club
Triangle Rock Club

Kids have energy – infinite, uncontrollable energy. For many us, the thought of bringing an entire party’s worth of that energy into our own home can be paralyzing. And when options like a park or outdoor activity is off-limits thanks to freezing temperatures or gloomy winter weather, we can feel at a loss. However, there are still plenty of ways to let your party goers work out their wiggles without losing your sanity. Indoor climbing gyms are a great way to give your birthday kid and their guests a fun, safe experience, while trying out (or expanding upon) a skill that may just turn into one of their favorite activities.

Age levels: Good for elementary (ages 4-5 and up), tweens, and teens.

How to plan: Richmond offers two amazing options for indoor climbing parties – and they both offer party options. Check out the details below.

Peak Experiences
Now with two locations, one in Midlothian and one in Richmond, Peak Experiences offers an easy winter birthday party solution. To “Party at Peak,” simply fill out their online party planner with the dates and times you want. Parties start at $275 for up to 10 guests (birthday boy or girl is free!) and include draped tables, chairs, balloons, and party favors for all guests; climbing gear, professional instructors, and one and a half hours of climbing; and a thirty-minute post-climb party on the second floor mezzanine with optional add-ons like Papa John’s Pizza for $11 per one-topping large pizza, a professional photographer and more. Click here to get started.

Triangle Rock Club
As one of Richmond premier indoor climbing spaces, Triangle Rock Club is perfect place to hold a winter birthday party. Their party packages include a two-hour reservation, a private party room and kitchenette, TRC goodie bags, a free TRC shirt for the birthday kid, all necessary equipment, and private belayers (instructors). Parties are $25/ guest (ages four and up with a six guest minimum) and include 90 minutes of climbing instruction, climbing, and games. Click here to get started.


4. Arts and Crafts Party

Winter Birthday_Art Factory
Art Factory and Party Place / Facebook

One of the best ways to keep kids entertained is to give them something to create. Unfortunately, this often requires making a mess along the way. If you’re not up for hosting a party that might include getting paint on your living room couch or glitter in your carpet, don’t worry – you still have options. There are a number of places in Richmond that will host a creative crafts party for you – and handle the clean up.

Age levels: Good for elementary, tweens, teens, and teens.

How to Plan: Each of the following Richmond area spots offers a range of party packages to suit a range of budgets and interests. Take a look at the descriptions below, then contact your favorite for a party reservation.

All Fired Up
At All Fired Up, kids can paint their own pottery for an activity that is fun – and gives them something special to take home. Parties include a private party room, a personal party assistant, a project for each child, all the supplies and firings, and a complimentary gift for the birthday boy or girl. Each guest receives a $5 gift certificate for a future visit and items created at the party are available for pick-up within one week. Food and drinks are not provided, but feel free to bring your own. A number of party themes are available and prices range between $15 and $32 per guest.

Locations are available in Midlothian and Short Pump. Click here for online booking.

Art Factory and Party Place
Art Factory and Party Place in Brandermill (Midlothian) offers 90-minute parties that include fun, crafts and activities, table settings, invitations, and a special gift for the birthday boy or girl. With a wide range of themes available, you’ll have no trouble finding something to suit any creative taste. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks, plus choose from add-ons like catering from Sergio’s Pizza, helium balloons, face painting, and more. Parties include eight guests ($20 for each additional guest). Call 804-716-5219 for individual theme party pricing.

The Center for Creative Arts at Shady Grove
Create a custom party with The Center for Creative Arts Studio Art birthday parties. Call to discuss your party theme and an instructor will design activities tailored to the interests and age of your child. Parties slots are two hours total and include art supplies. Parties start at $220 for up to 10 guests ($7 for each additional guest) and include a reserved party room where you can serve your own cake or other snacks. Click here to fill out an online birthday party inquiry.

Spirited Art
Bring your mini-Picassos to Spirited Art in Glen Allen for a painting party that requires no clean up on your part! Parties are available in classic ($20/guest) and deluxe ($30/guest) formats and include your choice of paintings and themes. Decorations are provided and you can bring your own food, or choose from add-ons like pizza and cupcakes. For a little extra, you can also choose from goodie bags, face painting, pinatas, and more. To plan your party, click here for more information, then fill out the online party request form.


5. Hands-On Learning Party

Winter Birthday_Engineering for Kids
Engineering for Kids of Central Virginia / Facebook

If you’re going to have a party, might as well make it entertaining and educational! The Richmond area offers several options for birthday parties that not only give your party-goers a chance to engage in fun, social activities, but learn something along the way. From science and STEM activities to animals and nature exploration to imagination and creative play, there’s something for everyone.

Age levels: Good for preschool, elementary, tweens

How to plan: The following Richmond are locations each offer an option for indoor party fun that will engage, educate, and entertain your party guests – at any age. Check out some of these Richmond favorites, then call or visit them online to start your planning.

Children’s Museum
As one of Richmond’s favorite spots for kids and parents alike, the Children’s Museum offers an ideal birthday location. Each party package includes a dedicated Birthday Buddy to run fun games and activities, full day admission for guests, a goody bag and balloon for each child, and party supplies. With packages starting at $175 for up to 10 guests, plus amazing add-on options, you’ll guarantee fun and learning for everyone. Click here to get started.

Engineering for Kids of Central Virginia
Stimulate your party goers with a one-of-a-kind STEM party. Enjoy two hours of birthday party fun with themes like Jr. Isaac Newton or Thomas Edison. Parties include activities, designated instructors, and a t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl. Packages start at $299. On-site parties are available at the Glen Allen location – click here to get started. Or learn about mobile parties with additional themes and options at Engineering for Kids of Richmond.

When you host a birthday party at Maymont, your kids and their guest can explore, learn, and play with adandon. Choose from that allow them to feed friendly farm animals, search for fairies, take a carriage ride, enter a storybook world, host a Victorian tea party, or learn about snakes, fish, and otters. Parties include 90-minutes in a special party room, personalized tours and activities with Maymont staff, a special gift for the guest of honor, goodies bags or take-home items for each guest, and more. Prices start at $225 and can include up to 20 guests. Click here to learn more and start planning.