What It Would Be Like If Alexa Was Southern

If Alexa Was SouthernIf you’re from the south, you probably don’t have an accent…at least you don’t think you do. But all it takes is a trip up north,  or even worse, out west, to find out that while you think “y’all” is the most perfectly natural utterance in the world, others find it strange, and often, downright funny-sounding. And of course, as a Southerner, we all had that one high school teacher or our mom’s second cousin twice removed that even we couldn’t understand. To be fair, a strong Southern accent can be a little tricky, especially to the untrained ear. Yeah, that’s right. I’m looking at you, Alexa.

Alexa, Amazon’s increasingly popular personal-assistant-in-a-box, is known for her silky smooth tones and clearly enunciated words. But her hearing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially when a little “Southern charm” tints our requests.

In this week’s Share Saturdays video, we get a look at how different our lives would be if only Alexa came in version made just for Southerners. Not only would she actually understand what we’re asking for, she’d hand out helpful cooking tips and teach our kids proper Southern politeness. Sigh…if only.

While Southern Alexa isn’t a reality yet, we can still dream. In the meantime, because we’re certain Amazon is reading this right now and putting a prototype together as we speak, watch the hilarious team from It’s a Southern Thing show us just how amazing it would be if only Alexa were Southern.

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