Dad Learns Daughters Gymnastics Moves

Gymnastics DadIf you’re a dad, finding things in common with your kids is a great way to bond. For many dads, that might mean playing music together, sharing a love of movies or art, and, of course, having the good old proverbial “catch” in the yard.

Particularly when it comes to sports, many a dad can be found practicing with their kids in the backyard, coaching teams, and eagerly cheering on the sidelines. And since these days, girls play nearly all of the same sports as boys, you’ll find dads practicing, coaching, and cheering for their daughters just as often as their sons.

However, when it comes to a sport like gymnastics…well, that’s a different story. As anyone who has ever tried to do a cartwheel can tell you, gymnastics, particularly at a competitive level, is a highly specialized sport requiring flexibility, agility, strength, and whole LOT of dedication. It’s also a sport in which you won’t find many people over the age of 25 competing in regularly.

So, what does a dad do when he wants to participate in his daughter’s athletic life, but she just so happens to be a competitive gymnast? In the case of Ash Mills from Melbourne, Australia, you simply get on with it and learn the moves for yourself.

Mills was 41 years old in 2016 when he first started learning his daughter Alex’s routines. Alex, then nine-years-old, trained as a competitive gymnast. Soon after Mills began working with Alex, he began sharing videos of his efforts and nearly overnight, he was an internet sensation. Today, he and Alex continue to share their amazing bond with more than 336,000 followers on their Instagram page, My Gym Dad.

Take a look at today’s Share Saturdays video to see Mills tumble, flip, and twirl his way to the absolute definition of #dadgoals!

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