“MAYcember” Tribute By The Holderness Family is EVERYTHING!

Holderness Family MAYcemberIf you follow Richmond Mom, and we certainly hope you do, then you probably saw our article earlier this week, A Mother’s Survival Guide to May. Simply put, May is a sneaky nightmare of a month. Just when you think you’re in the homestretch of the school year, ALL of the events, activities, and end-of-school-year “celebrations” come to a head in one glorious explosion. Needless to say, when we saw that the Holderness Family was thinking along the same lines, we HAD to share!

Today’s Share Saturday video is not only hilarious, as The Holderness Family always is, but it perfectly sums up the experiences of parents everywhere in the month of May. As Penn Holderness, the dad, husband, and crooner of Holderness Family fame, so aptly puts it in the very beginning of his oh-so-funny-but-painfully-true song, “Have yourself a merry MAYcember. That name fits just right, because it’s like December but without the lights.”

In other words…if you thought the holidays were hectic, exhausting, and expensive? Welcome to May where you’ll spend the next few weeks attending every school program imaginable and spending more than the cost of your first car on teacher’s gift, recital costumes, and summer camp deposits. So, yeah…merry MAYcember to you.

If you’re not familiar with the Holderness Family, then we hope to remedy that today. Penn and Kim Holderness came to internet fame a few years back with their viral “Christmas Jammies” video. Since then, the couple, who are former news anchors (and in Penn’s case, a UVA grad), have gone on to create countless parodies of parenting life. If you need a chance to laugh at some of the struggles you’re facing, then the Holderness Family might be just what you need.

Take a minute to watch the Holderness Family in this MAYcember tribute and remember, you’re not the only one hanging on by a thread this May. YOU GOT THIS!

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