Guide To Buying A Mattress Online

Mattress OnlineThere was a time when buying a new mattress was a dreaded task. Not only did you have to travel from store to store in search of the best deals, but then came the ever-awkward process of lying on mattress after mattress, all while dealing with a salesperson offering well-intended, but sometimes, overwhelming advice. Well, thanks to technology, these days you can shop for a mattress online from the comfort of your home.

While the thought of buying something as personal as a mattress online might seem crazy, online mattress shopping has become an increasingly popular trend. Many people choose this option since it is convenient. Plus, with the increase in competition and options, you have an ever-growing variety of choices and prices. But as with any major purchase, it’s important to do know what you’re doing before you start the process.

If you’re considering buying a mattress online, below are tips that can help you choose the best mattress for your needs and ensure that it will serve you for years.

Read Lots of Reviews

Finding out what other people are saying about the mattress you intend to buy will help you decide if it offers what you really need – and want. Most reviews share the naked truth, and the wealth of information you gather from them may not even be available on the online retailers’ website. For best results, do not just scroll the ratings, read detailed reviews of the product. This will not only answer your questions, but it will also help you choose the right mattress for your needs.

Compare Prices

Shopping for a mattress online allows you to compare the prices of different products without physically visiting a store – a process that can be time-consuming and tiresome. And given the many products available, you really do need to compare the pricing to help you make the best choice.

Things to consider when comparing prices for a mattress online include the materials used, the sizes (i.e., king, queen, etc.), and quality. All these factors will help you determine if the mattress you’re considering is overpriced or if it’s worth your money. Comparing prices will enable you to get a mattress that will give you the best “sleep returns” for your money. And of course, price comparisons will also help to ensure that you choose a mattress that not only fits your bed, but your budget, as well. 

Find Out Return or Replacement Options

Like any online purchase, you won’t know for certain that you’ll like your mattress until it is finally delivered to you and you’ve had a chance to try it out. And as you know, there are any number of things that can lead you to dislike a product that you bought online.

Finding out the retailer’s return and replacement options will prove to be very beneficial in the event that the mattress that is delivered to you falls short of your expectations. To avoid regrets and loss of money, only buy from a company that offers generous return options. Take advantage of companies that give you some duration to try out your mattress. This way, you can be sure you’ll end up with a mattress that will meet your needs for years to come. 

Consider the Brand

Sometimes, top brands that have been in the industry for generations provide you some assurance concerning their quality. However, in large part thanks to the new trend of buying a mattress online, there are new mattress manufacturers who have come up with impressive improvements to mattresses. If you’ve got your eye on a particular mattress, either from word-of-mouth recommendations or online reviews, be sure to research more about that particular mattress manufacturer before making your decision.

Find Out How To Maintain Your Potential Mattress

Knowing how to maintain your mattress, even before you use it, will determine how the mattress will serve you. Different mattresses have different cleaning and maintenance options. Some come with a removable top that you can remove and clean, while others come with covers that encase the entire mattress and are removed by a zipper. Find out if your mattress has any built-in protection, and if it doesn’t, then consider purchasing a mattress protector separately. This will help your mattress last longer and make maintenance easier.

However, if you have a busy schedule and/or little interest in maintaining a particular mattress, then look for a more durable online mattress that can last for years without much effort on your part. In this case, you can go for something like the Novosbed Mattress, which comes with a 15-year warranty. 

Check the Density

It is important to pay attention to the density of the online mattress you intend to purchase, especially if you are considering a foam mattress. The higher the density the firmer your mattress will be – and vice-versa. Know whether you want/need a firmer or softer mattress before you buy, keeping in mind things like physical needs (i.e., back or neck issues, etc.), as well as personal preference. 

Consider Your Partner’s Needs

If you have a partner that you’ll be sharing your mattress with, remember to consider their needs, as well. Make sure their needs (again, considering physical needs, as well as personal preference) are put into account so that your new mattress will provide restful sleep for both of you. After all, no matter how comfortable you find your new mattress, a restless partner will make good sleep hard to come by for everyone involved! 

The bottom line? There’s no reason you shouldn’t shop for your mattress online. 

Even if the thought still seems a bit risky, the bottom line is that these days, online retailers provide amazing options for mattress purchases. Say goodbye to pushy sales representatives and take your shopping online where you will have all the time in the world to shop and decide. With the above tips, you can get the right online mattress for your needs and those of your loved ones at an affordable price. Best of all, you’ll never even have to leave home! 

About the Author:
Allison Staley is a content manager at Sleep Delivered, a website that helps people pick the right mattress for their needs. As experts in the field, the Sleep Delivered team covers topics around sleep health, as well as provides comparisons, ratings, and reviews for the best mattresses, pillows, sheets, and more.