Hilarious Video Of Twins “Talking”

It’s long been known that twins have a special connection. Not only do they share a rather tight space for nine months before being born, but they often remain physically close growing up. But what’s even more unique about twins, fraternal or identical, is the special mental connection they share. In fact, some twins have even been known to have their own special way of communicating. Some call it “twin talk” and usually, no one but the twins themselves have a clue what it’s all about.

One of the best examples of twin talk shows up in today’s Share Saturdays video. Although this video first made a splash on the internet in 2011 when twins Sam and Ren were 18-months old, it’s every bit as entertaining to watch today. In the video captured by the twins’ parents, watch as Sam and Ren have a full-fledged, and judging from their responses to one another, absolutely hilarious, conversation with one another. Even though the boys carry on talking without saying a single word that we “outsiders” can understand, they are clearly on the same wavelength.

Experts in child development have attributed connections like the ones these twins share to the fact that, in addition to the obvious physical similarities they share, twins are in identical stages of development, hitting milestones like speech and imitation at the same time.

But whatever the reason for Sam and Ren’s ability to communicate with one another without words, all we know is that the results are absolutely charming. So if you need a little bit of heartwarming humor today, be sure to take a minute to watch today’s video. And if you need an even bigger laugh, when you’re finished watching these babbling babies, be sure to check out the “translation” video from The Ellen Show!

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