1980s Moms Vs. 2019 Moms

Like all things, parenting styles have changed over time. In fact, most of us can look back at our own childhood and wonder how we managed to survive at all. That’s not to say our parents didn’t do a great job, because they certainly did the best they knew how, right? But with all of the information we have these days, it’s hard to imagine the survival of the human race given the parenting tactics of the 1980s. Needless to say, when we saw today’s video, we knew it had to be shared.

If you’re not familiar with the hilarious antics of Tiffany Jenkins, mom and vlogger at Juggling the Jenkins, then suffice it to say she has no problem making fun of herself – and giving the rest of us a chance to laugh at ourselves while she’s at it. In this particular video, she takes a trip back in time to the 1980s and gives us an all-too-funny comparison of the somewhat laissez faire parenting styles of the 1980s compared with the anything but casual parenting approaches of today.

Of course, like any satirical skit, this one has plenty of embellishments. But also, like any good joke, even the most pronounced exaggeration is based on some truth. So take a look at Tiffany’s take on 1980s parenting vs parenting today and see where you fall on the spectrum. Chances are, we’ve all got a little bit of the 1980s in us – no matter how hard we try!

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