Little Girl Sings ABCs With Gusto And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Teaching our kids how to sing the ABCs is a parenting rite of passage. And we’re so proud of them when they finally master the entire alphabet. I mean, how smart is our kid, right? But after a while, we start to realize that we may have made a huge mistake. It’s not that we don’t want our kids to know their ABCs, it IS an important learning milestone after all, but after the 45th rendition – and that’s just one the way to the grocery store – we would almost rather hear “Baby Shark” again…anything but the ABCs.

Needless to say, toddlers can be repetitive, especially with a new skill. And unfortunately, a song like the ABCs doesn’t lend itself to too many interpretations. At least that’s what we thought before seeing this video.

Violet Ogea of Shreveport, LA, may be small, but she’s got gusto – at least when it comes to singing the alphabet. The toddler’s mom, Christine, captured her tiny tot a couple of years back singing the ABCs and suffice it to say, this kid is going places.

Violet was only two when the video was captured and posted on Facebook, where it quickly went viral, but according to an interview her mom gave the Huffington Post, this is how Violet sings…all the time. We can’t tell if she’s channeling Ethel Merman or if she’s just got her own special style, but whatever it is, we hope she never stops.

If you want to start your day with a laugh, be sure to watch the following video. And keep your eye on Broadway in the coming years, because at this rate, Violet’s gonna be a star!

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