If Moms Gave Each Other Awards

Mom AwardsBeing a parent can be a thankless job. Ok, let’s be honest, it’s almost always a thankless job. Not to say it’s not immensely rewarding, because it most certainly is. But in terms of actual thanks or specific recognition for the many things we do, both big and small, on a daily basis…well, suffice it to say, not many of us have a trophy wall for being a parent. And even if we did get awards, what would they look like? After all, parenting isn’t exactly a glamorous position.

Well, the hilarious mom team at What’s Up Moms decided to give us a look at what “mom awards” might look like if they existed. And the results are simply perfect.

If you’re not familiar with What’s Up Moms, you should be. After starting their YouTube channel a little over four years ago, founders Meg Resnikoff and Elle Walker have grown their brand to include 2.7 million subscribers, over a billion views on Youtube, and the title of #1 Parenting Influencer in the U.S. by Forbes magazine. And it’s all thanks to funny, relatable videos like this one.

In the following video, watch as “The Mom Squad” gets together for their monthly meeting, complete with their Girl Scout-style vests featuring a variety of badges or “mom awards.” Awards include things like the “Crafty-ish” award, the “Nailed it” award, and so on. But enough from us, you’ll have to watch it for yourself – and chances are, by the time you’re done, you’ll have a list of awards that you’ve earned just this morning alone!

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