Momsplaining with Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy

There was a time when celebrity moms were limited to the ones we saw on television. June Cleaver always had dinner on the table – while wearing a clean dress and pearls. Marion Cunningham always welcomed her kids, along with the neighborhood crew, with a smile. I mean not once did she tell the Fonz to get out and take his cocky attitude with him. And who could forget Carol Brady? Not only did she manage a blended family with ease, but she never had a single hair out of place. And while many TV moms still defy the laws of reality (and physics), there are a few celebrities out there who are coming clean about the realities of parenting. And one of our favorites is Kristen Bell and her Momsplaining series.

One of the greatest trends in parenting over the last couple of decades has been the slew of celebrity moms that have come out with open and honest dialogues about parenting. Kristen Bell, who is undoubtedly already one of the funniest women in Hollywood, has always been outspoken about her personal life, openly sharing real life perspectives on marriage, mental health and more. But her Momsplaining series is something that most of us moms can relate to on a very personal level. In this series of funny segments, Kristen takes a look at some of the less than glamorous aspects of motherhood, often bringing in friends and other celebrity moms who are more than ready to share their own experiences via a little momsplaining.

Today, we’re going to take a look at Momsplaining: Sleep Deprivation, a subject anyone who has a child (or is in their third trimester) already knows more about than they care to – or ever imagined they would. In this segment, Kristen pulls in her friend, and another of the funniest women on the big screen, Melissa McCarthy for a down-to-earth dish on what motherhood looks like, especially when you haven’t had enough sleep.

So even if you only have one eye open thanks to your own sleep deprivation, don’t miss this hilarious momsplaining look at one of the many things we all suffer as moms – and if nothing else, know you’re not alone!

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