The Perfect Manifesto for Back to School

Back to School Manifesto 2While many of us have already crossed the school year threshold (with tears from the kids and cheers from us), there are a few of you out there who still have a few days to go. But regardless of which side of the line you stand on, there’s one thing we all have to keep in mind when the kids go back to school and that is that we’re all in this together. After all, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a working parent, your world is now one of homework, forgotten lunchboxes, early morning bus stops, and what seems to be more class parties and projects than actual school days. And so today, we’re offering a manifesto for the school year that we can all get behind.

The thing is, no matter what your situation (and no matter how excited you are to finally have your kids complaining to their teacher that they want a snack instead of to you), it’s not easy. We’re all juggling a million different tasks, schedules, and activities. Simply put, there are going to be days when the bus is missed, the lunch is forgotten, and you finally realize that your high school math teacher was right – you will need to use algebra again…to help your 8th grader with their homework.

Well, thanks to the team at Scary Mommy, we now have the perfect manifesto for uniting back to school parents everywhere. Whether you’ve already got the kids back into a school routine, or you’re still silently counting down the seconds until the school year starts, remember a few things – it’s ok for it not to be perfect. Also, if I see you standing at the bus stop in your pajamas, just know that I’m about to be right there beside you!

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