What Happens When You Leave Dads In Charge…

When it comes to parenting, moms and dads tend to have slightly different approaches. That’s not to say that one does anything better than the other…it’s just, well, different. And more often than not, dads just can’t help but add a little humor to the situation, even if the kids don’t realize they’re part of the joke.

In today’s Share Saturdays video, we see one dad who has created a particularly hilarious morning routine with his baby. Every parent knows how babies like to be swaddled, especially in their first few months. Naturally, after a night of having your arms wrapped up tightly, you’re going to want to have a good stretch as soon as you have a little freedom to move. The baby in today’s video is no different. And so what does dad do? He takes full advantage of the situation, of course.

Every morning, this dad adds a little background music to coordinate with his baby’s first stretch of the day. And he nails it, if we do say so ourselves. Take a look at this sweet video and if doesn’t put a smile on your face, we’re not sure what will!

And in the meantime, here’s a shout out to all you dads out there who keep things fun for all of us – even if it’s at the kids’ expense!

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