Woman’s Embarrassing Christmas Moment Goes Viral – For a Reason!

Embarrassing Christmas Moment
Mary Katherine Backstrom / Facebook

The holidays are a magical time of year. Despite the traffic and crowded shopping malls, many of us are in a more giving frame of mind. We’re hyped up on the sights and sounds of Christmas that surround us (and let’s be honest, maybe a few too many peppermint lattes from Starbucks). But most of all, we’re more in tune to the little miracles that happen every day. And it’s that sensitivity to the world around us that oftentimes makes us want to both give and receive holiday magic of our own. But in one woman’s case this past week, a moment of magical holiday cheer turned into a hilariously embarrassing Christmas story.

Mary Katherine Backstrom, a blogger and mother of two, was at her local Wawa gas station in Fort Meyers, Florida, when she decided to do a good deed for a stranger. The woman behind her was holding a ginger ale, so in the spirit of “paying it forward,” Backstrom offered to buy the woman’s drink – a truly magnanimous gesture and one that Backstrom felt good about. Naturally, as often happens when we put positive energy out in to the universe, Backstrom was more in tune to others’ actions on her behalf. So it was no wonder that when she walked out of the shop and headed back to her car, she was overcome with gratitude when she saw a man cleaning the windshield of her car, which was parked by the gas pumps.

Overjoyed by the man’s kindness, she rushed over to him and said, “This is my favorite part of humanity. I love Christmas so much! Thank you for doing this,” and followed it with a huge hug. It was at this point that Backstrom notices a minor detail. The car the man was cleaning was not her car – it was his.

Clearly, there’s no way that we can do this embarrassing Christmas story justice; you have to hear it in her own words… once she stops uncontrollably laughing, that is. Watch the video below and you’ll understand why her post went viral in mere hours, and has since received more than 69 million views, more than 206,000 shares and countless reactions online.

Be sure to watch this little moment of holiday magic, then pass it along. After all, who couldn’t use a laugh during this, the most magical time of year?!

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