What Really Happens When Women Get Mad…

After thousands of years of modern societal evolution, you would think men would know when their partners are mad. Yet, somehow women often find themselves realizing that sometimes, our “tactics,” as it were, go a bit over our men’s heads. Of course, we all know that communication is key, but we couldn’t help but have a good laugh at today’s Share Saturdays video. In this all-too-funny look at the stereotypical way in which a woman gets mad and the thought processes involved each step of the way, we have to admit, there are some nuggets of truth!

Stereotypes are nothing more than generalizations, so we know that there are couples out there that are much better at expressing themselves and understanding one another without the use of passive aggressive tactics or sarcasm, but the team at It’s a Southern Thing have once again taken a stereotype and turned it into a hilarious parody that gives us all a chance to laugh at ourselves.

Watch this short video and you might find yourself recognizing a few universal truths, specifically:

  1. Women and men have different ideas on what’s is or isn’t a “good deal.”
  2. There is such a thing as task-specific scissors, trust me.
  3. When a woman says, “It’s fine”? Well, suffice it to say, women will know what it means…and it’s not “fine”!

While the team at It’s a Southern Thing obviously focus on Southern women (I mean, “bump the Southern accent up to 100%”….you know this is true if you’re Southern), most of the video can be applied to all of us – Southern or otherwise. So if you want to have a good laugh with your spouse, be sure to watch today’s video – and remember women, when you say “you’re fine,” do so at your own risk, because chances are, he’ll believe you!

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