Win the Complete “Mr. Business” Series By Local Author B.K. Fulton!

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When it comes to local talent, Richmond doesn’t fall short. Recently, this fact has been reinforced with the publication of a seven-book series by local entrepreneur, philanthropist and author, BK Fulton. The series, Mr. Business: The Adventures of Little BK, is based on Fulton’s own childhood experiences and is designed to appeal to children ages 4-14. We recently had a chance to explore the series and see how Fulton has used his own life experiences growing up in Hampton, Virginia, to create a series that truly embodies his belief that “readers become leaders.”

In this seven-book series, Fulton explores the notion that children should be themselves, no matter what. “Little BK is an inquisitive third-grader who encounters issues that are everyday happenings for many children, especially when they are young,” said BK Fulton, who is also the founding CEO of Soulidifly Productions, a company with a mission to produce meaningful, uplifting stories that are entertaining and beautifully told.

“Little BK’s experiences show that it’s okay to be in your own skin, and it’s okay to choose your own style. His stories will encourage children to be true to who they really are.”

Through a combination of wisdom and humor, Little BK, a.k.a., Mr. Business, shows how children can turn negatives into positives and channel their dreams into personal and professional success.

“Mr. Business will appeal to countless children who work smart and try their best every day at home and at school,” says Fulton. “It also speaks to the caring adults who guide young people to be excellent. I believe that every day is a gift, and what we do with that gift is our gift back to each other.”

And now, you have a chance to win the entire Mr. Business: The Adventures of Little BK series for your own family or classroom! 

Richmond Mom is honored to have the chance to give away the entire seven-book series to one lucky reader. Be sure to enter your information below for your chance to win, then read on to learn more about this incredible new series.

Since completing the series at the end of 2019, Fulton has had the chance to visit a number of area schools and organizations for book signings and talks. Read below to for a summary of the entire inspirational series.

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Photo courtesy of BK Fulton

1. Book 1: The First Day of School. On his first day of third grade at a new school, BK gets chased home from school. He must think fast and get help from a trusted friend just before the local bully can catch him.

2. Book 2: The Science Project. BK is on his way to the science fair. But when a classmate says something that surprises him, BK has to figure out how to respond.

3. Book 3: Secret Places. When BK’s grandma comes to visit, he wants to show her all that he has learned in school. Instead, BK ends up with a brand new lesson about caring for others and himself. He has to turn to her when something happens to Rusty, his faithful dog.

4. Book 4: My Favorite Thing. BK works smart to earn money so that he and his faithful dog, Rusty, can make their weekend run to the store for a slushy – BK’s favorite thing. One day, BK finds some old coins in the house and realizes they belong to someone else. He has to figure out what to do.

5. Book 5: Smart Guy Glasses. BK goes to the eye doctor with his mom to get his first pair of eyeglasses. He comes up with lots of excuses not to wear his glasses, until he learns
that seeing clearly is like having a superpower.

6. Book 6: The Cow. BK hears something interesting at school and shares it with his
grandparents. He learns that some things are better not said, even if they are true.

7. Book 7: Represent.  BK gets good grades in school and is in the honors assembly. He also wants to look “cool” by hanging with his less-studious friends some of whom are on the basketball team with BK. When he doesn’t earn the gold honors tassel, his teammates
give him a surprising answer.

The books are now available at leading retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Target. To see a complete list of retailers or to purchase your copies today, visit

Mr. Business: The Adventures of Little BK is illustrated by Salaam Muhammad and published by Owl Publishing in partnership with Soulidifly Productions.

More about BK Fulton: 

BK Fulton is an author, filmmaker, philanthropist and entrepreneur. BK was awarded a ComputerWorld Smithsonian International Technology Laureates Medal and his influential writings on technology are permanently archived at the Smithsonian Institute. He lives in Virginia with his wife, Jackie, where they raised twin boys. His series, Mr. Business, tells the story of his life growing up.

In addition to Mr. Business: The Adventures of Little BK, BK Fulton is the author of
Shauna (2016), an adaptation of a poem written by Fulton when he was 16 years old and
inspired by his sister Shauna, who was born with Rett Syndrome. The love-filled prose and
delightful illustrations show how disabled children and adults blend in with everyone.