A Letter to Single Moms: Hey Single Mama…

Single MomsHey Single Mama,

I have a number of friends who are single moms and I want you all to know a few things. You inspire me. You get up every day and you do it all. You get your kid up and dressed and off to school. You get yourself ready and drive to work. You work hard all day to make sure that you can provide for your kid, because it’s just you and them. You come home late, picking your kid up from daycare because you don’t have someone close who can watch them for you. Then you drive home and make them dinner and try to spend some time with them before they’re off to bed. There’s homework and baths and chores and dishes and laundry to do. And it’s just you.

But to all you single moms, I’ve been watching you, and I am in awe.

I know you think you’re failing. I see how hard it is. You worry that your kid is missing out on a family. You feel like you’re all alone in this world; which is even more terrifying when there’s a little person that you’re responsible for. You think you’re doing wrong by them. But I promise you that’s all a lie.

I see the awesomeness of your love for that little person. I see the courage and strength it takes to do every day. I see how hard you try to be everything for everyone; to be the best employee, the best mom, the best friend. I see how much you worry for your child, but also how much they are learning from you. I see a woman who inspires me and who is doing an amazing job with this crazy single mom life!

Here is what you don’t see… you don’t see the way that child looks at you.

Even when you think you’re messing it all up, those little eyes are looking to you to know they are safe, to know they are ok. Those little arms are reaching out to find you next to them, because you are their person. You don’t see how you have already given them all the “family” they need, or the lessons you are teaching them about hard work and determination. You are enough for them, mama. Just as they are your world, you are theirs.

So to all the single moms I know, on those days when you feel like your life is a mess and you are failing at it all… remember this:

I see you and you aren’t failing at anything. You are a Rockstar mom and I am so glad to know you!