The Husbands of Target

Husbands of Target

The Holderness Family has been a YouTube sensation for years now thanks to their hilarious parodies of family life. They’ve touched on every topic from matching family pajamas at Christmas to back-to-school angst – and they pretty much always hit the nail on the head. But their latest video may just take the cake. Just this past week, The Holderness Family released the Husbands of Target – and for all you husbands out there, this may be a game changer.

Husbands have long endured the woes of shopping with their wives – or rather, waiting “patiently” while their wives shopped.

I mean, who hasn’t been to a shopping mall and seen lines of bored husbands sitting in chairs outside of dressing rooms or on a benches near the exit just waiting…and waiting…and waiting? Times were hard enough when clothing stores and grocery stores required separate trips, promising at least a little respite in between the two. But along came Target, combining multiple worlds of shopping into one all-inclusive women’s paradise, and some of you husbands thought you’d never see the end of the waiting game. It’s not easy and we’ve got to give all you husbands out there some credit for the years you’ve put into it.

But, husbands, what it we told you it could all change? What if we told you Target could actually become a place you want to go?

If you’re intrigued, you won’t want to miss the following video featuring some husbands who have clearly spent time in the Target parking lot themselves: Penn Holderness of the Holderness Family; Taylor Calmus, a.k.a. Dude Dad; Myles Montplaisir of the You Betcha channel; and Charlie Berens.

These seasoned veterans will walk you through all the possibilities that come with being a Target husband. They’ll share their own experiences and explain how a simple offer of jerky to some fellow husbands can change everything. Not only will you learn how to tailgate the right way while your wife shops, you’ll get some great tips on childcare and learn how to use poker games as a way to finance your wife’s shopping. Suffice it to say, husbands, with the right moves, Target no longer has to be a place you fear…

…after all, your new best friend might just be waiting two cars away.

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