Wives in Quarantine From a Dad’s Perspective

wives in quarantine

You don’t have to look far to find reasons to panic these days. The simple fact is that there’s not much to laugh about in the world at the moment. Social media, news channels, TV reports, and so on are filled with updates and statistics that only make us worry more. But as the old adage goes, laughter is the best medicine – and in times like these, we need to find reasons to laugh, even if it’s only at ourselves. Fortunately, the Dude Dad is on board. And his latest online skit showing a parody of wives in quarantine is the perfect chance to have a laugh.

The Dude Dad, aka, Taylor Calmus, is a comedian and actor who turned his notable talents to documenting the life of a father and husband after his first child was born in 2016. His weekly vlog, Dude Dad, is filled with hilarious snapshots of the constantly shifting lives we lead as parents. And that makes him more than prepared to take a look at this brave new world we’re living in – social distancing and family quarantine.

While the following skit is entitled “My Wife in Quarantine,” there’s no doubt the scenes and sentiments he plays out feel MORE than universal right now. From the over ambitious re-organizing plans to those oh-so-tempting quarantine snacks, Calmus offers a little humor in a dire situation. I mean after all, if we can’t laugh at ourselves right now, what else can we do? (Other than rearrange the furniture, learn to play piano, read books, etc…you get the point.) But for now, go ahead and grab some quarantine snacks, sit back, and have a good laugh!

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