Need a Break? Rent a Cabin at Camp Friendship!

Camping Camp Friendship Cabin Rentals 1Having cancelled their award-winning summer camp due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Camp Friendship is now offering families the opportunity to enjoy their beautiful grounds in a different, socially distant way. Nestled on over 500 acres skirting the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Camp Friendship is a world unto itself – a place where time seems to pass more slowly, causing you to wonder what decade you’re in. Guests aren’t just renting a cabin at Camp Friendship. They’re immersing themselves in an outdoor experience – a private place to get away.

Enjoy Outdoor Camping Activities 

Have you ever wanted to canoe on a peaceful lake? Check. Try your hand at roasting s’mores? Check. Kayaking, fishing, biking, tennis? Check, check, and double check. Interested in taking a trail ride? There’s an entire Equestrian Center with over 70 equines waiting for you to book your trail ride or safari-style hayride! Want to cool off? Hop in the Rivanna River right off their River Valley Trail and enjoy a tubing trip that rivals any lazy river. Feeling woodsy? Set off through the surrounding forest for a hike where you won’t hear anything but the crunch of the leaves underneath your feet –a perfect antidote to an overly-scheduled and hectic lifestyle. To read more about Camp Friendship’s counselor-led and free range activities, visit their website: 

Camping Camp Friendship Cabin Rentals 2

Just Think Of It As Camping Indoors!

Camp Friendship is a no-frills summer camp complete with charming old-school cabins. They are a true summer camp for kids, not a proper resort, so just think of it as camping indoors! Although the cabins may be rough-around-the-edges, it truly is a place for guests to let go, sit back and relax.

To learn more about Cabin Rentals at Camp Friendship, visit their website ( or Submit a Booking Request (

Camping Camp Friendship Cabin Rentals 3More About Camp Friendship

Camp Friendship is a place to go when you want to cast aside your worldly cares, ditch your to-do list, and simply be. Built on dreams over 50 years ago, Camp Friendship is one of those places that lets you forget about the problems of the world. It’s why Camp Friendship was founded and what they are all about. Chuck Ackenbom established Camp Friendship in 1966, and the business is still proudly run by the Ackenbom family today. Usually open to children from around the world each summer and a retreat venue in the off season, Camp Friendship is now pivoting to offer socially distant cabin rentals from now through the Fall.