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  1. I am new to Richmond and am interested in some suggestions for some mommies day out preschools. I am a SAHM but think it is impirtant that my 16 month old is socialized. Also, do you know of any good mommy groups? Thanks!

    • Tessa, welcome to Richmond! Here is our comprehensive list of preschools, it’s such a personal choice and depending on where you live, there are so many options:

      The Learning Experience has great flexible part-time programs in the west-end area. is a great resource for local meet-up groups, and if you’re ever interested in a mom’s “night out” we have a charitable function every month at The Wine Loft called Wine Down Wednesday, would love to have you there, too.

      Please follow us on Facebook for updates and we always highlight events in our newsletter as well. Thanks for reading-Kate Hall

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