Edible Education and Green Monkey Make Nutrition an Everyday Occurrence

Edible Education focuses on healthy nutritional alternatives that take advantage of local food products.

In our continuing series on healthy, nutritious eating and in response to many reader’s questions about teaching kids the value of healthy eating, we explored Edible Education and what they have to offer. Edible Education Edible Education offers hands-on lessons for healthy living and they are in the business of teaching important nutritional, food source, [...]

Eat Green Monkey for a Social Experience

Green Monkey makes school lunches healthy, nutritious and fun!

With summer approaching, we’re getting lots of questions from Richmondmom.com readers who want to know how they can make meals and snacks more nutritious all summer. We turned to Green Monkey mom and Head Chef, Lisa Granger, for answers. It’s evident that Lisa is passionate about her work because she truly believes in healthy, organic, [...]

How to Encourage Children to Eat Healthy Snacks and Nutritious Meals


In response to one Richmond mom’s question about childhood obesity and healthy eating tips, we got some great feedback.  Even if your children aren’t overweight, it’s important to teach them healthy eating habits early. Here are some great tips from some of our great Richmondmoms and grandmoms: I only allow my children to have a [...]

Organic vs. Traditional Foods: Does it Matter? You Decide.

Farmers markets offer good organic options.

READER QUESTION: Are organic foods really that different? RMOM: As Richmondmom.com continues to search for healthy, nutritious alternatives for families, we discover more and more concerns. Who knew there was so much going on in our food? A recent review of data by the CDC revealed that more than 325,000 people are hospitalized each year [...]

Childhood Obesity is a Real Problem for One Richmond Mom

Q:  My son is considered “obese” and I’m looking for supportive resources. Childhood obesity is an epidemic in the US and I can attest to the fact that it is not an easy issue to deal with. My child’s pediatrician is helpful, but do you have other tips to help us deal with the problem? [...]

What do Richmond moms do on Twitter, anyway?

photo by Hayes and Fisk, the Art of Photography Dear Richmondmom.com: What do Richmond moms do on Twitter, and why should I consider making it part of my bigger life? Richmondmom.com: Ah, my mama friend. . .. your eyes have yet to be opened to the wonders that Twitter will bestow on you. At the [...]

Ask Richmond mom. . . what do you want to know about kids, families, parenting in Richmond, VA?

This is a new section we’re providing for your questions. Just shoot us your question here so we can provide you the best information possible, and other parents may benefit, too!

Where do I host a great baby shower in Richmond?

Richmondmom.com: I will be hosting a baby shower in Richmond in August, but I live in California. Do you have any recommendations for where I can hold a small party for 15? -Sarah If you are looking for a great place to throw a party, Richmond is your town! Here’s some great places for a [...]