Edible Education and Green Monkey Make Nutrition an Everyday Occurrence

Edible Education focuses on healthy nutritional alternatives that take advantage of local food products.

In our continuing series on healthy, nutritious eating and in response to many reader’s questions about teaching kids the value of healthy eating, we explored Edible Education and what they have to offer.

Edible Education

Edible Education offers hands-on lessons for healthy living and they are in the business of teaching important nutritional, food source, and cooking information to everyone. They focus on supporting family health through healthy food choices and they support teachers, organizations and farmers.

Thanks to Edible Education, there is a source for exciting food preparation that is based on basic skill sets, etiquette, and delicious menu preparation. In 4 week sessions, people of all ages – including kids – learn about healthy nutritional choices. The classes help them learn about healthy eating for life by creating simple recipes and meal plans.

With sessions based on age categories, Edible Education makes it easy to teach kids new skills too:

  • Tator Tots – ages 5-7
  • Petit Prep – ages 8-11
  • Apprentice – ages 12-16
  • Adults – all

Eat Green Monkey too!

And now, Edible Education is also teaming up with Green Monkey, a local organic, wholesome option offered by this specialty business which provides school lunches, business catering, personal catering, weddings, small social gatherings and more. Green Monkey focuses on teaching children and adults about the benefits of making healthy, nutritious choices and using local produce, meat and other foods to prepare delicious, appealing and fun meals. Together, Edible Education and Eat Green Monkey offer an incredible array of services and education to prepare our children for a healthier future.

Watch for more information on these two innovative businesses that are making healthy nutrition an everyday choice. Be sure and visit their websites to learn more.

And don’t forget to contact Green Monkey for all of your catering needs (specializing in groups of 20o or less, including as few as 10!). You’ll be glad you made the call once you taste their tantalizing menu options. Whether you’re hosting a kid’s birthday party, an adult-themed party, a fundraiser, or just socializing with friends, Lisa Granger and Lynn Tauchen at Green Monkey have what you need.



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