Richmond Mompreneur: Karen Bullard with a Flair for Fancy

Karen Bullard Paper Fancy headshot

Karen Bullard is a stay-at-home-mom and  interior designer, which is enough for anyone’s plate, but she turned her passion as an artist into a stationery design business as well.  Her own stationery line, karen cole paper, was launched in 2004. Six years later, the conceived the idea of bringing her very favorite high-quality brands to her customers at [...]

Leslie Lytle: Yoga for the Childbearing Years

Leslie Lytle: OmMama Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga OmMama provides exceptional programming for Richmond’s expecting and new families. Owner Leslie Lytle, a Richmond mom, has a passion fpr prenatal yoga, which she has taught since 2001. OmMama’s offerings include childbirth education classes, postnatal and Itsy Bitsy® yoga classes and this fall they’re adding prenatal and postnatal [...]

Anne Hughes ensures European fashion is affordable, stylish in Carytown

Eurotrash and Anne Hughes have a lot in common: both are unique, hip, and fun. Both have a tiny little gal, Winnie at their side wearing an adorable pudgy smile. Click here to see Anne explain how Eurotrash began! Both are in the heart of Richmond’s Carytown and the perfect place to support the 3/50 [...]

Debra Ruh’s special needs child sparks Richmond-based international business

A few years ago, Debra Ruh had a dream. She was to create a company that primarily hires persons with disabilities. Debra´s inspiration – a beautiful daughter named Sara, who has Down’s syndrome. When Sara entered middle school, Debra realized that her daughter’s employment opportunities were bleak. At 13 years of age, Sara´s reading and [...]

Cora Pedrazzi flips for healthy Richmond families at Core Kids Academy

Ask Cora Pedrazzi why she got into the kid’s fitness business, and it’s simple: “I love coaching them!” Could it be that Cora’s energy level is often on par with the toddlers and teenagers she works with? We think so! Click here to see why! Cora launched Core Kids Academy after training and coaching as [...]

Sharmila Sanjay creates ThinkSmart Kids

Early Thinkers. Future Leaders. The ThinkSmart Kids philosophy is based on the fact that the sky is the limit to what we can teach a young child. Children are naturally curious and crave to learn more. Sharmila’s curriculum is fun and interactive and works effectively for children between ages 12 months and 12 years. ThinkSmart’s [...]

Kat Costello and hubby create hip zprbag, right here in Richmond

This is just too cool, ya gotta really see the Zprbag to get what makes it unique. “What would happen if I sewed a bunch of zippers together?” That simple question spawned what is now zpr bag™, the latest must-have fashion accessory for teenage girls. The nylon bag allows girls to customize its size and [...]

Smart Richmond mom grows Smart Solutions Tutoring

Smart Solutions Tutoring LLC belongs to Richmond mom Meghan Sheriff, who founded the tutoring company in February 2006. Meghan taught high school English and Journalism for eight years prior to staying home with her young sons. She has grown the business to a full-service tutoring company offering academic tutoring in all subjects to clients, K-Adult; [...]

Ellie Venafro is a traveling parent’s friend with Tots on the Go

Watch Ellie Venafro in action and you’ll quickly see why how she launched her very own e-business, and later a Richmond showroom, for Tots on the Go. Tots on the Go has an amazing selection of travel gear for todays modern kids. Another neat option Ellie offers: equipment RENTAL, for travel. What could be better? [...]

eMommie: Pre-loved maternity wear by Farah Hottle

What a cool concept: gently-loved maternity clothes online. Richmond’s Farah Hottle re-launched, The #1 Site for Used Maternity Clothes in ’09. Unlike a consignment store or sale they buy clothes outright with no consignor’s fee or waiting for the clothes to sell. Here’s Farah with her story about launching, and why they’re so [...]