Free DIY Baby Food Demo

DIY Baby food class

Starting solids is a fun rite of passage for both parents and babies… but those little packages can feel really wasteful not to mention it gets expensive quick! Relay Foods, Franklin Goose and Hip to be Round are hosting a free baby food demo at the Hip to be Round store in Carytown. You’ll learn […]

Parenting in an Over-Sexualized World

beauty teenage girl in hat outdoors

Children are being bombarded with sexual and adult content long before their minds can comprehend what they’re seeing, and according to a report by the American Psychological Association, it is estimated that our children will see over 14,000 sexualized images each year, with odds indicating they will be exposed to pornography by the age of […]

Help Parenting Through Divorce

Divorce and  Separation concept

  Over 1 million children will see their parents divorce this year, and 50% will experience this life-changing event before turning 18.  At any age, the break up of their parents can leave kids feeling sad, angry, and deeply hurt. Often, the rippling effects of the split can impact the entire family. How can parents […]

Dr. Mom’s: Ready, Set, Parent

Ready set parent

“Please don’t do that. Don’t do that again. Stop!” “No. Why? Because I said so.” “Do not (insert appropriate verb) tease, hit, annoy, taunt, bother etc. your brother/sister.” How many times do you find yourself using the above (and many other) phrases in a day when talking to your kids?  Do you ever feel just […]

When Breastfeeding Sucks: 13 Things to Try


If you are like most pregnant and newly postpartum mamas you are aware of the many benefits that breastfeeding offers to you and your baby. You also probably have a goal in mind for how long you would like to breastfeed whether it be until you transition back to work, six months, one year, or […]

You CAN Help Stop Child Maltreatment


What do you think of when you hear the words “child abuse”?  Does the phrase scare or overwhelm you?  Do you think it has nothing to do with you and keep going on about your day?  Or do you think you can do something to help stop it? Last year in Virginia, there were more than 300 […]

Prenatal Vitamins: Essentials for Moms-to-be and Their Babies


While a healthy diet is always the best way to get the vitamins and minerals you need, prenatal vitamins are recommended if you are planning pregnancy or if you are currently pregnant. Your health care provider might also recommend that you continue taking prenatal vitamins after your baby has been born, especially if you are […]

Whatsinmybelly has a New Look and More for Expectant Parents

You may have visited the Whatsinymybelly website before – but have you seen the NEW updated website? If not, you’re in for a treat. Have you ever joined an office pool and tried to predict the winner of a football or basketball game? What about a pool to guess the gender or birth date of […]

Unbelievable Savings Right Here on


Would you like to save $25 by opening a savings account for your child’s future education? How about getting free admission for one to the Science Museum of Virginia, or 1/2 price tickets to the theatre? Maybe you’d like to get 10% off new fashions for your home, or save $10 on a facial. We’ve […]

Exercising During Pregnancy

Many of you may remember this story that made headlines just last fall: a woman who was 39 weeks pregnant completed the Chicago marathon and gave birth to a healthy baby girl just a few hours later. That story made many of us, especially those who weren’t pregnant at the time, reconsider our own exercise […]