Richmond Sylvan Learning Center’s New Math Enrichment Program Keeps Students Sharp This Summer


During the summer, most parents default to enrolling their child in a general summer camp or sports clinic, but what if there was an option for kids to explore an academic interest and build a competitive edge in the classroom?  The Sylvan Learning Center of Richmond is introducing Math Edge — a new activity this […]

How to Handle a “Poor” Report Card

How to Handle a “Poor” Report Card | Richmondmom

By Steve Green, Executive Director Sylvan Learning of Richmond It’s that time of the school year again – report card time.  While many students will come home with good grades, others would rather stuff their report cards deep into their backpacks than show them to their parents.  As parents, you want your child to do […]

How to Help Your Child Perform Better on Tests


Do you wish you could solve the problem and not just treat the symptoms so your student could excel on college entrance exams? Do you wonder if there’s a way to focus on skills gaps and not spend hours drilling your son or daughter on skills he or she already has? Is there a way […]

Why Is Algebra a Big Deal?


Does your child shrug and sigh when he or she hears the word “algebra”? Then he/she is not alone – many kids struggle with algebra and others just don’t know why it’s important to learn it to begin with. And why is algebra such a big deal anyway? Will kids ever need that knowledge and […]

Stop the Frustration and Start the Learning for Your Student

College nannies

Does your student need help with science and math. Is he or she frustrated about learning? Perhaps your student just needs a tutor who has the knowledge, skills, and experience to make learning come alive! College Nannies and Tutors is an advertiser on Check your 2013 Savvy Saver card for great savings from!

Math skills for Richmond kids in pre-kindergarten: It’s a snap at Mathnasium

Mathnasium Richmond’s First Steps program is geared to help the littlest learners, ages pre-K through 1st grade learn math skills. When Richmond parents want their kiddos to get ahead on their math skills, Mathnasium Richmond can help. Click on image to download PDF.

Mathnasium Richmond Opens their second location in Midlothian

Mathnasium Richmond is growing! Mathnasium just opened their second Richmond location in Midlothian and their goal is to be the best source of math education services in the Richmond area by doing the following: • Provide every child on every visit with a positive experience with math. • Teach every child in a way that […]

Spend time “mathing” with your child to prevent the summer slide!

By James Temple, Center Director, Mathnasium of Richmond No doubt most parents spend time reading with their children on a regular basis. It is not hard to find an educational or child development expert who insists that this time is key to not only the proper development of core language skills and a healthy imagination […]

Husband’s death causes mom to find new way of life: at Mathnasium

After marrying very young, I was the first in my large family to graduate from high school a year and a half later. While raising our four sons I began to have the desire to go to college and become a teacher. I decided to take classes, part time, at the local community college to […]

Mathnasium offers free trials to all Richmond students

Mathnasium is one place where learning math is actually FUN. The family who owns Mathnasium–the Temples–truly has a love of math and uses games and creative hands-on excercises to help kids of every age-from toddler to adults studying for exams. First trial is FREE and you can use the offer on the Savvy Saver card […]