Husband’s death causes mom to find new way of life: at Mathnasium

After marrying very young, I was the first in my large family to graduate from high school a year and a half later. While raising our four sons I began to have the desire to go to college and become a teacher.

I decided to take classes, part time, at the local community college to test my insecurities about returning to school. To my surprise I did very well. It took four years of juggling family, work and school to get my associate degree but I realized a sense of accomplishment upon completion. I also worked at an early intervention/rehab facility that serviced young children with developmental disabilities.

As I continued working there for 11 years I was able to be involved with many different aspects of the agency. I gained valuable experience and a love of working with children. Due to a change in my husband’s job we moved to another state where I began working for the local public school system in their early childhood special education program.

As a paraprofessional in a classroom of children 3-5 years old with developmental delays, I began to realize the importance of children getting the individualized help they need in order to be able to succeed academically. I found it especially rewarding to work with children with autism. To be able to make a connection with a child where there appears to be no hope is indescribable.

My son James and I often talked about going into business together. With his sense of business and my love of children we felt we could be successful at a business involving children that would service a need to the community.

Life often throws us unexpected curves and we have to learn to adjust. Sadly my husband of 34 years passed away last February leaving me with a decision to make about how to proceed with my life.

James was just graduating from Darden School of Business with his MBA and it seemed as though the time was right to come together to begin new careers for both of us. This past year we saw our dream realized as we became the owners of Mathnasium of Richmond. Although the circumstances of opening a business together did not happen in the way we originally envisioned it would it has been a very exciting and rewarding experience.

Mathnasium is a learning center that helps children develop their math skills, and this type of business offers the best of both worlds for James and I. With his undergraduate degree in mathematics James is not only great at teaching the all levels of math but has a wonderful sense of business and customer service.

I, on the other hand, can use my many years experience working with younger children and families to meet the needs of the children who come to us for help.

We are excited about the help we’ll be able to provide the Richmond community meet their math education needs.

Mathnasium has a great offer for free tutoring/homework sessions on the Savvy Saver card, and hosts free, fun activity nights for kids. Check them out!

Kate Hall

Kate Hall is the Founder of and author of Richmond Rocks and Richmond Rocks Spooky Sequel, two fun history books for kids. She has three children ages eleven to six and is truly appreciative of the 185,000 + visitors who visit the blog every year, and for the amazing team of writers who create unique, valuable content. Kate is thrilled to have created a cool place for Richmond, VA parents to learn, grow, and share while supporting local charities.

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