Happy Heart Health Month Richmond Moms. Let’s celebrate by being alive for our kids!

Recognize this family? Yep, they’re mine. They weathered through a 98-degree summer day to get these photos and some footage for our HCA Heart Health commercial for one reason: heart health disease is a killer, and I know. It killed my dad at age fifty. When I was fifteen, he died suddenly of heart failure. [...]

Confessions of a Messy Richmond Mom, Part Two

It’s been three weeks since the ladies at A Sorted Affair Humpty-Dumptied my office and then put it back together again. (To Read Part One, click here). I giddily greeted Olivia at the door on our workday. The giddiness dissipated when I realized Olivia was serious when she called it a “work session.” At my [...]

My kids are never gonna sit still.

It’s just a fact I need to deal with: my kids just ain’t the sit-still type. This realization becomes solidified anytime we choose to do any type of group activity requiring my children to follow along with a group. Most of the time, it’s just not happenin’. Take for example, last night. My littlest kid [...]

Tales from Chubby Kidland

I was a chubby kid. And I’m not talking about pinch-her-cheeks-what-a-little-darling kind of chubby. I was fat. Being the youngest of four with a working single mom, you could say that I had a lot of time on my hands. I was a bookworm, so my natural inclination was to snuggle up inside with a [...]

Why every kid should see Princess and the Frog (and no, we’re not being paid to say this)

My almost-three-year old little girl (and only girl after having two boys) had never been to a movie. Until last Sunday. We braved the icy winds to see the much-talked-about Princess and the Frog at Richmond’s Bowtie Cinemas. I was surprised that my boys (seven and four) wanted to go, and even more surprised that [...]

What an ex-boyfriend’s death has taught me about second chances

New Year’s eve is just a few days away. Each year I list the things I want to acheive, and reflect back upon the last year. This year, I’m thrilled that, while financially I didn’t rock anyone’s world compared to my former corporate salary, I was able to build a business, help my clients grow [...]

Why Christmas shopping is just like having kids

photo by Hayes and Fisk, the Art of Photography While attempting to do my last-minute Christmas shopping last night, a strange thing happened. No, silly I didn’t actually stick to my budget–let’s not get crazy—but a thought occurred to me: Christmas shopping is a lot like having kids. Here’s why: 1) It’s crowded. Oh, Lordie [...]

Dear Santa: I’m trying. Really.

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. The tree is up, there are ornaments galore, and thanks to my two-year-old, half of them are on the floor. But why oh, why, can’t I get in the mood? Someone please help me get out of my Christmas funk. . .um, dude. OK, so I’m [...]

I want, I want, I want

After working the Bizarre Bazaar this past weekend to promote new book, Richmond Rocks, some things became very apparent to me. I’d like to share them with you, in hopes that, during this magical-yet-hectic-and-crazy season, we can all learn to cherish the things that are most important to us. 1) All that glitters is not [...]

Confessions of a Messy Richmond Mom

A few weeks ago, I stared wistfully at the woman ahead of me in the preschool drop-off line. She had on tailored jeans, high heeled boots and a lovely top. Her hair was combed and she had tastefully applied makeup. She had on earrings. And a belt. She was a put-together mom. If she had [...]