Richmond Mom Kim Woodson: Luxury Vs. Necessity

by Kimberly Wooden Woodson Luxury vs. Necessity. In challenging economic times, knowing the difference between “need” and “want” is important. I’d like to suggest that life insurance is a “need.” It may be tempting to think of it as a luxury, especially when you’re trying to trim your budget, but I hope you resist temptation: [...]

Boating Fun and Safety

By Kim Woodson Thanks to Kimberly Woodson, Farmers Insurance Group agency owner, for this great article. Summer is time for fun! Swimming, boating, and lots of water sports will be in full swing soon. Boating is indeed a pleasure, but it’s important to be safe at the same time. And if you have a boat, [...]

Tips for Buying a House

Kim Woodson Richmond VA Insurance Agent

By Kimberly Woodson Many experts believe the housing market is getting ready to rebound — I hope they’re right! If you’re thinking about buying a home don’t forget to consider insurance. Would-be buyers often get pre-approved for mortgages, research school districts, and look at numerous houses before finding the “perfect” home for them. Often however, [...]