Create a Will: Win $250 Toward Legal Services


Yup. You gotta make one. If you are anything like me, you are avoiding it.  But it’s important to do. According to USA Today, almost three-quarters of adults under the age of 34 do not have a will. And while writing a will might not be a barrel of laughs, not having one puts your […]

Abusive Relationships and Financial Hardships: What Should You Do?


Unfortunately, many couples find themselves parting ways after years of marriage and that can create problems never before considered. Spousal abuse or financial hardship often result. Thanks to Melanie Friend of CowanGates for this valuable information. The information below is provided by CowanGates I just left an abusive relationship, and I have a protective order against […]

Sharing Child Custody from Separate Cities


Thanks to CowanGates and Melanie A. Friend for this valuable information pertaining to family law. My wife and I just got divorced last year and have been sharing equal custody of our son. Now I’ve been transferred to another city for work. What happens with custody of our son? Even though you most likely put […]

Ask a Lawyer: Melanie Friend of CowanGates


 Thanks to CowanGates and Melanie A. Friend for this valuable information pertaining to family law. My husband and I separated, and the children live with me most of the time. How do I ask a court for child support? How does the court decide how much child support I’ll receive? You will need to either file a […]

Mosaic Mediation Eases the Pain of Divorce

Mosaic Mediation

Divorce. It’s a word that no one wants to hear, but the reality is that many couples find themselves faced with the unthinkable. If you and your spouse are dealing with the difficult challenges of divorce, it’s important to know the alternatives available to help you deal with the associated issues. For years, the only […]

Are You or A Loved One Going Through a Divorce or Have Child Custody Questions?

Bucci & Dix law firm, Richmond VA

Divorce proceedings can be complex, confusing, painful, time consuming, and emotionally taxing.  You can avoid this stress by having an aggressive advocate representing your interests in court.  The attorneys at Bucci & Dix bring the full strength of a seasoned litigation firm to to fight for the best possible outcome for you, your family, and […]

Prenuptual Agreements

Bucci and Dix law firm Richmond VA

Prenuptial agreements have become increasingly common in Virginia and throughout the United States.  They are not just for the rich and famous, either.  Given the high divorce rate in America, many people view prenuptial agreements as a way to protect themselves and their assets.  Also, people are marrying later in life than they used to.  […]

Post Separation Adultery – Why hooking up after breaking up is a bad idea.

Bucci and Dix law firm Richmond VA

Everyone knows adultery is wrong.  In fact, many of you may be surprised to know it’s still a crime in Virginia – under Code Section 18.2 – 365, adultery is a Class 4 misdemeanor.  It won’t get you thrown in jail, but it might get you a $250 fine and an extremely embarrassing day in […]

Pendente Lite Relief

Bucci & Dix law firm, Richmond VA

When spouses decide to get a divorce, but that divorce is not yet finalized, the court can award what is known as pendente lite support.  Pendente lite literally means pending litigation.  This support is meant to maintain the needy spouse or any minor children throughout the course of litigation and until all matters related to […]

Marital vs. Separate Property – What a court can and cannot split up during a divorce

Bucci and Dix law firm Richmond VA

During a divorce, the property owned by a couple will be divided between them.  This process, called equitable distribution, is governed by a statutory framework created by the General Assembly.  The overarching goal of the process is to create a division of property between former spouses that is fair, and the law requires a judge […]