Mosaic Mediation Eases the Pain of Divorce

Liza Hill, Mosaic Mediations

Divorce. It’s a word that no one wants to hear, but the reality is that many couples find themselves faced with the unthinkable.

If you and your spouse are dealing with the difficult challenges of divorce, it’s important to know the alternatives available to help you deal with the associated issues.

For years, the only alternative to working through the distribution of assets, determining custody of children, and agreeing on other aspects of divorce was to go directly to a lawyer. Both the husband and wife incur extremely high costs with their own lawyers, and the process is often lengthy and frustrating.

Today, there is an alternative. If you or someone you know is facing divorce, Mosaic Mediation can  help more than the traditional legal system. Liza Hill is the owner of Mosaic Mediations and she has the education, experience, and skills needed to mediate between couples and help them resolve issues faster.

Liza received her law degree from the University of Richmond and has practiced family law for many years. She has extensive experience handling juvenile and domestic violence cases. She still maintains a small private law practice, but her real passion is focused on mediation.

“The national average on the cost of divorce in 2008 was estimated as high as $38,000. That’s a lot of money by anyone’s standards. Divorce is difficult enough without the high financial costs. The average cost of mediation services is around $5,000 which is a substantial savings of money — but also time and frustration,” Liza explains.

Exactly what are mediation services?

Liza explains that mediation is a way to have a couple work through their issues together to expedite the process. “We don’t get mired down or stuck in the process as often because if we can’t resolve one particular issue, then we can table it and move along to the next one.”

Liza also explains that she has a professional network of people who can be utilized when appropriate. Issues may surface about the psychological effects of the divorce on children and she refers to psychologists or therapists specializing in these issues.

In case you’re worried that mediation means Liza will refer into her existing law practice, that is not a problem. She is bound by law NOT to self-refer. If issues can’t be resolved through mediation, which is rare, she will only refer outside her own law practice. As a mediator, she is also bound by the same guidelines and rules of privacy and confidentiality so there is no worry about what is discussed at any time.

When asked why she decided to focus on mediation services, Liza responds quickly and simply, “I really want to work with people who want to resolve things and I want to feel good about what we’re doing together – at the end of the day, mediation makes me feel good about helping people work together and it offers me a better quality of life than traditional law practice. It’s a way for me to make a difference,” she explains.

We hope that you never need the services offered by Mosaic Mediation, but if you find yourself in a divorce situation, this is one service you can’t afford to ignore. Liza can make the process of divorce easier and quicker so you can both move on with your lives.

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