Childhood Obesity is a Real Problem for One Richmond Mom

Green Monkey creates healthy nutritious lunches for kids of all ages.

Q:  My son is considered “obese” and I’m looking for supportive resources. Childhood obesity is an epidemic in the US and I can attest to the fact that it is not an easy issue to deal with. My child’s pediatrician is helpful, but do you have other tips to help us deal with the problem?

A: You are correct that childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the US. For many years, we have watched portion sizes increase, meals from fast-food restaurants become more acceptable and routine, and processed foods filled with sugar, fat and other unhealthy ingredients infiltrate our lives. Congratulations on recognizing the problems this presents for your son and trying to do something about it early. has several ideas that might be helpful. Combined with your pediatrician’s recommendations, and a good fitness plan that incorporates healthy nutrition and activity into your son’s daily life, you can win the battle.

Consider these options

Green Monkey – this is a healthy alternative to normal, higher fat cafeteria meals, and it can be a good alternative to save you time when it comes to preparing nutritious meals. Green Monkey delivers fresh, nutritious meals to your child’s school, ensuring a good balance of healthy, wholesome ingredients. Visit the website for more information.

Mom’s Treehouse – you didn’t say how old your son is, but there are many healthy fitness programs and plans offered at Mom’s Treehouse. Check out what they have to offer, and visit the center to find out if Rachel and her team have some tips to help you. There may be an opportunity for you and your son to participate in exercise classes together which sets a great example for him. Mom’s Treehouse also has a nutritionist who may have additional tips and information.

American Family FitnessAmerican Family offers lots of support and encouragement for kids of various ages. They offer lots of camps and clinics during the summer months, along with other classes throughout the year. They have an indoor swimming pool at some locations, and plenty of options for kids to learn about health and fitness. Visit their website and learn more.

Romp ‘N Roll – a great place for activity and fun at the same time. This may be just what your son needs to get him moving and exercising. Take along a friend or two and the activity really gets going!

Dream Dinners makes it easier to create healthy meals.

Dream Dinners

 Healthy meals prepared for the month ahead make it easier to stick to a nutritious eating plan, and helps avoid fast-food and high-fat meals that are prepared at the last minute.

 – although many moms think this is just for their benefit, Dream Dinners offers benefits to the entire family. Busy schedules have us running in every direction. Take advantage of Dream Dinners and let your son help you choose healthy ingredients and healthy meals — and prepare them together ahead of time to ensure you both eat healthy.  Dream Dinners has several different options for services available. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

Children’s Hospital of Richmond – if you haven’t already contacted the Children’s Hospital of Richmond, they may be a great resource. They offer information on children’s nutrition, vitamins, exercise and related topics. They have specialists who can help you find answers to the questions about managing childhood obesity.

Hopefully, these resources will help you find some of the information and help you and your son need. This is a challenging issue, but with a desire to succeed and access to qualified resources, you won’t face it alone. Good luck and keep us posted on your son’s progress so we can share your story with other readers.