What do Richmond moms do on Twitter, anyway?

imagephoto by Hayes and Fisk, the Art of Photography

Dear Richmondmom.com: What do Richmond moms do on Twitter, and why should I consider making it part of my bigger life?

Richmondmom.com: Ah, my mama friend. . .. your eyes have yet to be opened to the wonders that Twitter will bestow on you. At the urging of a client, I began Tweeting this spring. I had no idea what was in store for me, and MAN has it been fun.

Think of Twitter as a giant, electronic party in which you are able to pop in and have a cocktail at any point. You can listen in, respond to others, or completely begin a conversation of your own, all without leaving the comfort of your own loud, cluttery home (we’re assuming your home is like ours). If a diaper needs a changin’, well you can just walk away from your PC, blackberry or iPhone to knock out your motherly duties, bestow needed band-aids, or kiss boo-boos as necessary.

Why, you ask? Well, Richmond moms, like all moms, need a social outlet. Let’s face it, being at home with kids 24-7 is NO easy task, nor is working in an office all day, so no matter what your situation, this is a fun, friendly outlet for you to meet other interesting people on the net in a non-threatening manner, and you’ll probably learn a lot, too. Because Twitter is limited to 140 characters it suits our ADHD-plagued society very well, and the good news for you is that most folks HAVE to get their point across succinctly.

We also find that it’s fine entertainment for those less-than-thrilling moments in life like waiting in the dentist’s office, waiting for a soccer game to start, or even to act like you’re responding to work emails while your mother-in-law, husband, or (insert common annoyance here) is droning on.

If you have a business, it’s a great way to create a presence. If you’re into meeting new, fun people outside your social circle, there are in-person meetings called “tweet-ups” and even a Social Meda Club of Richmond (follow @smcrva) at which you can find other Richmond Tweeters. Who to follow? That just depends on if you’re looking for good humor, information, or other moms. . search around and use the hashtag #rva to find locals.

Want to check it out? Start by following me, my Twitter “handle” is: @Richmondmom. AKA: Where hip Richmond moms tweet. I’ll try not to bore ya. Tweet ya later!

Love, Richmondmom.com