Richmond child with high-functioning autism finds keys to success

Brittany is a rising 5th grader in a local elementary school. She was diagnosed with high functioning autism. Even with her IEP, she struggled in school. When her family went to the school, their answer was to continue providing her with compensations and accommodations. Her mother felt these actions did not solve the problem, but just gave Brittany a way to work around her difficulties. This past summer, Brittany came into LearningRx to have cognitive testing done. This testing identified both her cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Identifying the causes of Brittany’s problems was eye opening for the family. Now they knew what was causing the problems. Better yet, for the first time someone had an answer! LearningRx recommended that Brittany work with a Cognitive Skills trainer that would be able to improve her weakest skills while building on her strengths.

Brittany is now 8 weeks into her training and the progress is remarkable. Her mother has noticed that she is now helping out with household chores without being asked, and her grades in the first three weeks of the year are the best they have ever been. But the most remarkable thing is that her confidence and social skills are soaring. She is now friends with kids she had feuded with in the past, and even acted appropriately when another child tried to “bait” her on the playground. Brittany says the other kids have changed but we all know the truth.

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